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How to Enroll in a Free PSW Course in Ontario

November 1, 2023

If you've ever wondered about taking a PSW course in Ontario, then you're in luck. For those who aren't too familiar, this is a high-demand introductory course for personal support workers (PSWs) that gives them a valuable opportunity to develop the fundamental skills and knowledge required to start a rewarding career in the healthcare sector. This comprehensive course equips the enrollees with the needed abilities in order to provide compassionate care and support to patients, seniors, or persons with disabilities. The curriculum covers essential topics such as medical terminology, basic anatomy, infection control procedures, communication techniques, and personal care skills.

However, many people may be confused regarding what programs to pick, the range of tuition fees from free courses to paid certifications, what they will specialize in, getting their PSW certificate, and where they go from there.

In this article, we will be talking about how to enroll in a free PSW course. Find out which PSW courses to take according to your budget and specialization, and how to get a PSW certification by reading this article.

Understanding PSW Courses

To help patients get care and comfort, you would need a personal support worker (PSW) course. Most PSWs work in private homes or healthcare institutions and play a crucial role in the healthcare industry that's often overlooked. The mix of skills training, laboratory work, and clinical rotations offered by Ontario's colleges prepare students for these vocations and give them the confidence they need to enter the field head-on.

For PSWs, part-time programs can take up to two years to complete, while full-time accelerated and conventional programs can be finished in as little as six months. This implies that there are numerous ways to train and study at a rate that suits you. In Canada, a PSW makes an estimated annual pay of $37,908, or $19.44 per hour. Most experienced workers earn up to $47,500 per year, while entry-level roles start at $34,125.

What Do You Learn In A PSW Course?

Students in the PSW program are prepared to enter this field as favoured graduates who genuinely improve the lives of others. By participating in the delivery of care as instructed by the plan of care or service plan with activities of daily living, students will advance from beginning engagement to an entry-to-practice prepared professional PSW. This includes things like personal care, home management, nutrition, and family responsibilities.

PSW course takers gain knowledge about creating a welcoming and secure environment for all clients, including those exhibiting responsive behaviours, being at risk for injury, and/or needing end-of-life care, throughout the course of the program.

How Long Will It Take to Obtain a PSW Certificate?

In Ontario, a large number of public and private schools provide full-time and part-time Personal Support Worker (PSW) courses and diploma programs that provide you with the skills you need to start a fulfilling career as a PSW. The approved Ontario Colleges on this list, which are spread out across the province's cities, provide PSW programs that can be finished in 24 to 29 weeks. PSW program usually comprises 285 hours of detailed classroom instruction and 355 hours of clinical placement which includes being supervised by an instructor doing the practical work in the community and institutions.

Here are some of the schools in Ontario which offer PSW courses:

How Much Does A PSW Course Cost in Ontario?

Currently, Canadian students can join a PSW course in Ontario for around $4,000. International students can expect to pay around $17,500 for the course. Additional costs include books and supplies. For the most up-to-date costs, make sure to visit college websites.

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How To Apply For A Free PSW Course in Ontario?

If you've been uncertain about going back to school, the Ontario Government is funding a free six-month program to assist you in starting as a Personal Support Worker (PSW).

Requirements for this program include:

psw certificate online free

PSW Courses in Ontario: Where to Get a PSW Certificate Online Free of Charge

When you get a PSW course and obtain a certificate, you will have learned to help clients eliminate their loneliness, provide them with empathy, assure comfort, encourage independence, and promote self-respect in all healthcare settings through theory classes and experiential learning, including simulation and clinical rotations. Below are some courses for aspiring PSW.

Fanshawe College PSW Course

Fanshawe's Personal Support Worker course is a two-level Ontario College Certificate program. As entry-level unregulated employees, graduates have the knowledge, abilities, and attitudes to provide personal care and home management to clients in community and institutional settings. The curriculum starts with learning personal support basics and other topics covered are health, well-being, the body, mental health, and life transition philosophies.

Algonquin College PSW Course

Graduates of this Algonquin College's PSW course will be able to work as personal support workers in the community, retirement homes, long-term care homes, and/or hospitals, following all laws and the job description, policies, procedures, and guidelines of their employers.

Lambton College PSW Course

Long-term care facilities, retirement homes, home care settings, and hospitals are hiring more Personal Support employees as the Canadian healthcare system changes. Lambton College's Personal Support Worker program trains graduates to assist clients of any age with health care needs, including everyday living. The Basic of Hospice Palliative Care Certificate and Gentle Persuasive Approaches Certificate are also required for the program.

Centennial College PSW Course

Centennial College's Personal Support Workers study hands-on from hospital and community healthcare-experienced professors. Clinical and community-based learning will enable direct patient care. Students will learn to work with an interprofessional healthcare team and care for people of all ages.

Seneca College PSW Course

Seneca College has a one-year certificate program that teaches you how to help clients and families live successful lives in communities and institutions. This curriculum will teach you to value, be sensitive, and respect each client's uniqueness. Cross-disciplinary and inter-professional learning opportunities with Practical Nursing, Registered Nursing, and Social Service Workers are also available.

Humber College PSW Course

Humber's Personal Support Worker certificate program prepares you for an in-demand healthcare vocation. Help the elderly, chronically ill, and physically disabled in a satisfying career. Industry collaborated on this program to ensure current and relevant content. Through this, you will discover developmental phases across the lifespan, communication and interpersonal skills needed for effective client relationships, personal care, mobility procedures (lifting and transporting clients), household management, and safety.

Sheridan College PSW Course

In just one year, you can learn the skills you need to work in a long-term care facility, supportive housing, adult day care, home care, or palliative care. All of our graduates have found jobs in the field, and employers who hire personal support workers from Sheridan are always happy with their work.

Conestoga College PSW Course

The PSW program at Conestoga helps students get ready for a career that really makes a difference in the lives of other people. Students will go from just having started to being fully prepared to work as professional personal support workers (PSWs). A professional PSW takes part in providing care as directed by the plan of care/service plan and helps with activities of daily living like personal care, home management, nutrition, and family responsibilities. During the program, students learn how to create a safe and comfortable environment for all clients, including those who act out, are at risk for injury, or need end-of-life care.

CIMT College PSW Course

Students in the CIMT program learn a wide range of skills that show how important their role is and how much they care about and respect each client or consumer as an individual. Some of the things that personal support workers do are help their clients with personal care and hygiene, manage their homes and families, make meals, help clients take their medications, and help them relax.

Niagara College PSW Course

This one-of-a-kind interprofessional education course is meant to help members of the healthcare team improve their ability to work together. 42 hours of hands-on experience in the modern labs at Niagara College and 266 hours of clinical placement in both long-term care and community settings are required.

We hope this information has helped. If you want to learn more about what it's like being a PSW, check out our conversations with PSW Lucy Corbiere. If you've already completed your PSW training and are currently looking for a job, make sure to create your free Caring Support account and check out any available job postings in your area.

Find Your Dream Job in Healthcare with Caring Support

Caring Support offers an excellent opportunity for those seeking to be PSWs. Find the company of your dreams with comprehensive training programs and work with a highly-skilled team with our streamlined processes for matching and hiring. If you're an aspiring PSW who's looking for a supportive and rewarding environment to excel in your profession, then leave it to us to help you find your match.

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