The Story Behind the
Caring Support Platform

The Caring Support Platform is the brainchild of a handful of individuals who believed that they could help the healthcare system by providing a platform that matches healthcare workers (including PSWs, DSWs, RNs, RPNs, CSAs, and volunteers) to healthcare employers.

The idea began as a simple job matching site to help take the stress out of finding a new job. During the COVID-19 outbreak, the need for caregivers and healthcare workers by healthcare organizations became very public and clear that something needed to be done. This hit some of the Caring Support team members close to home and they realized that this was the perfect time to create a helping hand.

"Nobody wants to hear a plea for healthcare workers from a care home that is looking after your loved one. It's frightening knowing a care home is understaffed and leaves you feeling helpless, especially in a pandemic."

- Joseph Jongsma, CEO/President

For months, the team put in long hours, all while having other full-time jobs, building the platform in order to roll out the first phase in time for the world to use to help combat COVID-19.

The team focused research and development into a platform that would ensure healthcare organizations can quickly and easily search for healthcare workers using niche fields tailored to location and industry as well as cope with COVID-19. An important aspect that the team wanted to ensure was that the burden of searching for a new job was not placed on the healthcare worker, but instead by letting their profile on the Caring Support platform do all the heavy lifting.

Connecting, streamlining, caring.

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