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All About Healthcare Scholarships in Canada

October 9, 2023

As seen in Statistics Canada's data on undergraduate tuition fees by field of study, the highest tuition fees in current dollars include the ones for dentistry (24,838), medicine (15,558), and pharmacy (12,566). From this, we can say that, despite being lucrative careers with high median salaries, healthcare-related programs may be considered Canada's most costly degree programs.

In this article, we discuss ways on how to study within a healthcare-related program in Canada at a lower to no cost, which may be done by applying to available scholarships, bursaries, and award opportunities.

Can You Study Health Care for Free in Canada?

Canada doesn't offer a free college education for its students. However, it's becoming an increasingly popular destination for international students who want to further their education, because the tuition fees are comparably lower than other top universities in other parts of the world.

Moreover, while you can't find free post-secondary institutions in Canada, there's still a wide range of scholarship and financial aid opportunities for students to study healthcare-related programs without paying tuition directly. This enables the students to study healthcare at less than the original cost or even with no cost at all.

Scholarships, Bursaries, and Awards Available for Health Care Majors in Canada

A mother and daughter checking out the available options for scholarships in Canada.

Students who study healthcare-related programs can find scholarships, bursaries, and awards from different organizations that can help them cover the costs of their education, which include tuition fees, textbooks, and even daily living. Such opportunities may be the ones offered by Canadian universities, Canadian foundations, or external organizations that may fund the studies of international students in Canada.

Scholarships Offered by Canadian Universities

Canadian universities offer scholarships and financial aid for healthcare majors in Canada for several reasons. These include the will to support the cause for more accessible higher education and the possibility of attracting and retaining top talents in certain fields by rewarding them for their hard work. These, in turn, can help build the prestige of the university by giving it a positive reputation.

Here are some of the scholarships offered by Canadian universities to students who wish to major in health care:

Available Scholarships, Bursaries, and Awards Offered by Canadian Foundations

Through monetary grants provided by donors or partner institutions or through the allotment of their own investment portfolios, Canadian foundations can provide scholarships and financial aid to healthcare students. This is in response to their mission, vision, and core values of contributing to the welfare of society through the development of skilled healthcare professionals who can address the needs of communities and improve healthcare outcomes.

Here are some of the scholarships, bursaries, and awards that Canadian foundations offer to healthcare students:

Available Scholarships for International Students

Several other internal and external organizations also offer scholarships for international students who want to study healthcare-related programs in Canada. These are done for many reasons, including the need to fill the workplace shortage in Canada, build international relations, and exchange knowledge and skills to help establish a globally competitive healthcare workforce.

Here are some scholarships from internal and external organizations for international students who want to study healthcare:

Connect with Fellow Healthcare Students in Canada with Caring Support

While Canada doesn't provide free college education, their universities offer healthcare programs at a considerably lower cost than other top universities worldwide. Many organizations also offer several opportunities for both domestic and international students to fund their post-secondary education, may it be through scholarships, financial aid, or bursaries.

At Caring Support, we're committed to helping contribute to the development of a dynamic and competitive healthcare workforce in Canada. We pride ourselves in creating an innovative platform which acts as a tool to establish meaningful connections and professional relations with other healthcare professionals, post-secondary institutions, and healthcare organizations. Create your account now for free and start enriching your healthcare career with us.

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