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All About Pharmacy Assistant Jobs

March 16, 2023

Have you ever wondered what a pharmacy assistant deals with? Are you trying to get a job as a pharmacy assistant? Or perhaps you want to become one? This article covers everything you need to know about pharmacy assistant jobs!

What Is A Pharmacy Assistant?

To ensure that the pharmacy is effective and can meet the needs of the customer, pharmacy assistants typically assist pharmacy technicians and pharmacists with clerical tasks like managing the cashier, taking calls from customers, and periodically checking to see that all medical supplies are well-stocked. In order to answer patients' medical questions, pharmacy assistants also provide pharmacists with information.

What Does A Pharmacy Assistant Do?

Here are the duties and responsibilities of a pharmacy assistant in case you're looking for a job: Most often, a pharmacy assistant will:

However, pharmacist assistants working in community pharmacies are anticipated to:

On another hand, hospital pharmacy assistants:

Pharmacy Technician Vs Pharmacy Assistant

A pharmacy technician is someone who collaborates closely with pharmacists and has the power to give customers and medical professionals access to prescription and over-the-counter medications. They are the ones who concentrate on the technical facets of the pharmacy and who are in charge of more complex clinical duties.

A pharmacy assistant's job is an administrative position in which one welcomes and entertains customers, ensures that supply inventories are updated, responds to inquiries, and asks for prescriptions that must be handed to the pharmacists.

How to Become A Pharmacy Assistant in Canada?

Knowing the primary duties of a pharmacy assistant, as well as how it differs from a pharmacy technician, you may be wondering how to become one in Canada. It is clear that pharmacy assistant employment is still prevalent in Canada as there are constant open job postings.

Making sure you are qualified for the position is the first step in becoming a pharmacy assistant. To do this, you must complete a program in pharmacy assisting at any school or university and begin working for any hospital, retail, or community pharmacy to obtain some experience. If you want to work as one, an internship is essential because it provides you with real-world experience and allows you to see best practices as you learn how to process prescriptions.

You need to be detail-oriented, trustworthy, able to work in a team, have good communication skills, and most importantly, have exceptional customer service abilities in addition to your educational background and training.

Find Your Next Healthcare Career

Pharmacy Assistant Program

Do you have exceptional organizational skills, an aptitude for communicating with patients, and an interest in the medical field? You might want to consider taking an In-class Diploma Program, this program aims to complete 34 weeks of training including 6 weeks of internship or field experience. An Online Distance Education Diploma Program is also offered.

Pharmacy Assistant Course

The Pharmacy Assistant course is a one-year program that gives students the skills they need to work in a wide range of pharmacy jobs. This program teaches students about how pharmacies work in the community and in institutions, as well as basic human anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, and medical terms. Students will learn about the basics of Canada's health and pharmacy industries.

Graduates of this program will be able to work in places like hospitals, long-term care facilities, and community pharmacies. The Pharmacy Assistant course will help you get ready for an important job as a person who prepares medications and updates information about clients using KROLL software. Before you graduate, you will use these skills in a real-world practicum placement in a community or retail pharmacy under the direct supervision of a pharmacist.

Some of the skills and facts that may be taught in a course for pharmacy assistants are:

Here are some pharmacy assistant courses with schools and universities:

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Pharmacy Assistant Jobs

Pharmacy Assistant Salary

According to job postings in Canada, pharmacy assistants can earn anywhere from $15 to $25 per hour. Compensation for pharmacy technicians varies by region, level of education, and years of experience. It is typical in most professions that as one gains experience, one can expect a raise in salary. Enrolling in an internship through a Pharmacy Assistant program is an excellent thing to get practical learning training in the field. Entry-level positions may start at around $26,000 CAD per year, while more experienced pharmacy assistants can earn up to $45,000 CAD per year.

However, some job postings may offer salaries outside of this range.

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Pharmacy Assistant Jobs In Large Corporations

Pharmacy assistants are usually the first people customers see when they walk into the pharmacy, so a good first impression is crucial. Also, assisting the Pharmacist in meeting the needs of patients and providing the excellent service they have come to expect. Each day, you'll bring new knowledge and abilities to the table that will benefit your team and the patients under your care. If you are looking for pharmacy assistant jobs in large corporations, look at Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacy assistant - wherein they are mostly looking for individuals who want to expand on their existing pharmacy careers and are enthusiastic, caring, and highly organized to join the teams at their independently owned and operated stores. There can also be part-time pharmacy assistant positions available at other businesses such as London Drugs, Walmart, Intrepid Health, Rockyview Pharmacy, Metro Inc, AbEx Pharmacy Beaumont, Safeway, Neighbourly Pharmacy and many more. Volunteer pharmacy assistant positions are relatively uncommon, but they can be extremely beneficial to students and practitioners.

How To Write A Pharmacy Assistant Resume?

You must submit a resume that emphasizes your relevant education, work experience, and skills if you are interested in being considered for the pharmacy assistant job position. If you invest the time to learn the best practices for resume formatting, you can improve your chances of being invited for an interview. You can consider these steps in writing:

However, we all know that building a resume can be challenging, so Caring Support made it simple for you, Visit FREE resume builder! Make a strong first impression on recruiters by standing out from the crowd with a document that looks professional and is targeted to the healthcare industry. We made it free, quick and easy for you! It is customizable and accessible, too! You can head on to our website to learn more.

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How to Write A Pharmacy Assistant Cover Letter?

When applying for a position as a pharmacy assistant, job candidates are normally introduced to the applicant in writing via a cover letter. A quick guide for you on how to write a cover letter: 

Pharmacy Assistant Interview Questions

Your current work habits and your knowledge in your field may be influenced by previous jobs you've held. Hence, all your answers to interview questions are significant. These are commonly the questions that interviewers ask to see how your expertise and skills would fit in at their business.

Some in-depth questions measure your commitment and how far you can go with your desired position. Hence, these questions can be asked. 

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Are Pharmacy Assistants Essential Health Workers?

One of the frontlines of healthcare is pharmacists and pharmacy assistants. They play a vital role in ensuring that individuals receive their medications conveniently and on schedule. On the other hand, the work is satisfying because you are helping individuals every day improve their health and the quality of their lives through your services, hence is considered essential work in the medical field. There is always something new to learn in this position because you must deal with new clients, prescriptions, and medications. Having an ability for lifelong learning can help a pharmacy assistant succeed.

“The best bit about the job is knowing I’m helping someone get the medication they need to help them on their personal road to recovery.” -Shannon Harris, pharmacy assistant

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