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Pharmacy Assistant Job Interview Questions and Answers

March 18, 2023

Whether you're ready to take the plunge into your first pharmacy assistant job or you've been doing job interviews for years, it's never a bad idea to sharpen your interview skills.

While it's impossible to predict which questions you'll be asked in an interview, there are several that tend to pop up more frequently in certain industries. Here are some sample interview questions and answers for pharmacy assistant jobs.

Tell me about yourself and why do you want to become a pharmacy assistant?

This is a very popular question that will most likely be asked right off the hop. Be honest about why you are choosing this career path and why it fits you.

Example: I want to work as a pharmacy assistant because I care about people's health and want to learn more about how to fill prescriptions. I like to work in a customer-facing role, where accuracy and attention to detail are really important. Because the population is getting older and people are becoming more interested in their health, this industry is growing. This means that as a pharmacy assistant, I will always have something new to learn. I'm the kind of person who wants to acquire new knowledge all the time, and after looking into the job, I've found that it fits well with my future career goals.

Why are you interested in this specific role? 

You may anticipate being asked this very common question in the majority of interviews. Because you are applying for work as a pharmacy assistant, you may mention that you enjoy providing customer service and supporting others. You could also mention that you like being able to assist others and that you are aware that medication affects people's lives. Whatever your motivation, attempt to connect it to the job. Also, do your homework on the company so you can promote its virtues and explain why you want to work there particularly.

Why do you want to work for our company as a pharmacy assistant over our competitors?

How you answer this question will show the interviewer if you did your research on the company. Maybe the company has a great reputation in the community or maybe if you have used this pharmacy before, you can state that and the reasons why you like it over other pharmacies.

Are you good at time management?

Whenever you can, use actual references. Consider instances in your professional or personal life where you had to do a bunch of tasks in a short amount of time. What made it work for you? Prioritizing duties is a fantastic first step, but to fully sell your abilities in an interview, you need to provide additional detail. If you haven't worked in this capacity before, think back to occasions when you've interacted with pharmacy assistants. Consider their responsibilities and the potential outcomes of a workday. What would you do to ensure that customers receive the required service in a timely manner?

pharmacy assistants work in hospitals

How do you respond to deadlines?

This is an alternate way of inquiring about your ability to manage your time. As a pharmacy assistant, you'll probably deal with deadlines on a regular basis. If this topic appeals to you, explain an instance when you had a strict deadline (or several) and how you managed your time and workload. You might mention how organized you are and how you don't view deadlines as a challenge but rather as a chance to be well-organized.

How do you handle difficult customers? 

For employees that interact with the public directly, this is a typical question. If you have any prior customer service experience, reflect on how you handled these circumstances. What was successful and what wasn't? Consider the possibility that many of the clients are senior citizens who are experiencing pain and aging-related difficulties. Be sure to emphasize your patience and empathy while also emphasizing the necessity to assist those who are in line behind you.

What is your greatest weakness? 

This is a question that's frequently asked and can throw you off guard. Avoid saying anything that would guarantee you won't get the job. Choose a skill that both meets the criteria for weakness and is an area in which you have been making progress. You could say, for instance, that you occasionally take too much time to examine every little aspect of a task. With expertise, though, you are now able to perform this with the same level of precision and the right amount of time management.

What is your greatest strength?

Interviewers are interested in learning what makes you stand out from the competition. While remaining humble, be honest about your strengths.

We assume you read the job description. Which skills and attributes are needed to perform the role of pharmacy assistant to the required standard?

Make sure you pick out a couple of skills and attributes from the job description that you can talk about.

Example: Sure, I read the job description before the interview and found that accuracy and attention to detail are essential. As a pharmacy assistant, you cannot make mistakes, especially while advising or prescribing. Customers and patients are also your responsibility. Hence, everything you do must be precise. You must also communicate well with the pharmacist and keep accurate records. You must have excellent customer service abilities, handle client concerns, and follow all procedures.

Tell us about a time when you provided exceptional customer service or attention.

Describe your strengths in communication and customer service. Provide a good example (even if it was something that occurred while you were in school or at a job in a completely separate industry) and describe what you did and how the client reacted. You have the opportunity to briefly promote your abilities in response to this inquiry.

As a pharmacy assistant, you will need to follow strict rules and procedures. Describe a situation you were in at work when you followed rules or procedures.

Think back to any past experience where you had to follow policies. Be prepared with an answer to this question it could very well come up. Here's an example:

I used to work as a customer service rep, and I often had to follow rules and procedures. One situation comes to mind when I think about how to handle a customer complaint.

A customer had a serious complaint about how another employee had treated them, and it was my job to handle the complaint while following the company's strict rules. As soon as the complaint came in over the phone, I quickly pulled up the company's complaints procedure on my computer screen and started to follow it to the letter. When talking to the customer, it was very important that I not only followed the customer complaints procedure, but also showed empathy and used good people skills to make sure the customer felt valued, listened to, and appreciated. I was able to take care of the complaint quickly and well by following the steps outlined in the organization's policy.

In this role, having keen attention to detail is crucial. Tell us about an instance when your attention to detail was evident at work.

If you don't have any prior employment experience, describe a project you worked on in school. Describe your actions and the outcome of your labour.

Provide an example of a moment when you upheld confidentiality at work.

Every day, you will deal with private information as a pharmacy assistant. While discussing medications with customers and properly filing prescription information, you must use caution. As with most of your responses, be careful to provide a specific instance, what you did, and the outcome.

Where do you see yourself in five years? 

Companies want to know that the candidate they are recruiting is motivated, which is why they ask this question. You have the chance to say that you would like to advance in the company and develop your skills at this time. Be sincere; if you anticipate changing jobs in the future, let them know, and make sure to emphasize how much you'd value the opportunity to advance inside their company.

Now go practice your interview answers and land your dream pharmacy assistant job! Make sure to create your Caring Support account for more healthcare updates and information.

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