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Pharmacy Assistant Salary In Canada

March 7, 2023

Pharmacy assistants do many things. They help pharmacists by preparing prescription orders, answering questions about medications, and performing other functions in the pharmacy. Pharmacy assistants may also be trained to take blood pressure readings and fill out forms for insurance companies. The exact duties of a pharmacy assistant will depend on the employer and whether they are working in retail or hospital settings. 

In Canada and the rest of the world, Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians usually have support who helps with the combining, labeling, and boxing of products for the Pharmacy. This team member is known as the Pharmacy Assistant. The Pharmacy Assistant also helps with keeping tap on prescriptions and other pharmaceutical/medical commodities.  

Pharmacy Assistant Minimum Wage 

With the sensitivity of this role, one would expect that the compensation would be mouth-watering. Undoubtedly so, the Pharmacy Assistant Salary in Canada is really attractive with an average of $37,064 yearly with $19.01 hourly rate. 

As good as this may seem, Pharmacy Assistant’s Salary ranges between $31,200 and $47,658 annually, with $31,200 being for entry-level; $37,064 being for middle-level; and $47,65 is for the most experienced Pharmacy Assistant in Canada. However, in different parts of Canada, the Pharmacy Assistant Salary has some differential margins. Let us have a look at what statistics presents on Pharmacy Assistant Salary across the Provinces in Canada. 

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Pharmacy Assistant Salary in British Columbia  

In British Columbia, Pharmacy Assistant’s Salary at $42,599. This is an estimated annual pay for a mid-level Pharmacy Assistant in the British Columbia province.  

Pharmacy Assistant Salary in Ontario 

In Ontario, the average estimated for a Pharmacy Assistant’s salary is $34,320; while in Edmonton, Alberta, it is $47,237 per annual. 

Pharmacy Assistant Salary in Toronto and Ottawa 

Meanwhile, in the city of Toronto the average, $40,510 is Pharmacy Assistant salary on yearly basis; and in Ottawa, the average pay for a Pharmacy Assistant is projected at $38,117 per year. 

Pharmacy Assistant Salary in Alberta and Winnipeg 

The average Pharmacy Assistant Salary in Alberta is $44,558 while in Winnipeg the capital of Manitoba, is estimated at $47,304.  

Pharmacy Assistant Salary in Calgary 

Calgary, the largest city in Alberta with an estimated population density of about 2,099.9/km sq., has the Pharmacy Assistant Salary benched at $44,245 per year.

Pharmacy Assistant Salary in Saskatchewan 

Still in the Western part of Canada, the Province of Saskatchewan pays on the average $33,345 on annual basis as Pharmacy Assistant Salary to mid-level entrants.  

Pharmacy Assistant Salary in Manitoba 

A Pharmacy Assistant in Manitoba earns on average the sum of $24,325 which appears to be the least Pharmacy Assistant Salary in comparison with the other provinces. 

Pharmacy Assistant Salary in Montreal and Nova Scotia 

Moving on to the largest city of Quebec in central Canada, Montreal pays $42,733 as Pharmacy Assistant Salary, on average; and in the Nova Scotia Province, $45,214 is recorded as the average salary of a Pharmacy Assistant.  

Pharmacy Assistant Salary in Regina 

In the capital city of Saskatchewan, the estimated yearly sum of $49,615 is marked for the Pharmacy Assistant’s Salary in Regina, with an average hourly pay of $24. This appears to be the highest-paid Province for Pharmacy Assistants. 

Pharmacy Assistant Salary in Edmonton 

It is important to note that as much as there is an estimated average for Pharmacy Assistant Salary in each Province, the same may not be the case when looking at what is obtainable in the various cities within the same Province. An example is the Province of Ontario where the average salary is $34,320; but in two of its major cities Toronto and Ottawa, the range is different. Another example is the Province of Alberta with a similar applicable position where on average, $44,528 is the Pharmacy Assistant Salary; and in two of its major cities Edmonton and Calgary, we have $47,237 and $44,245 respectively.

Other Pharmacy Assistant Salaries 

One catching thing worthy of note is that just as the Pharmacy Assistant Salary differs with Provinces and Cities in Canada, so it is with employers even in the same city/province. For instance, a Pharmacy Assistant in Rexall earns different pay from his/her counterpart working with Walmart. 

Let’s look at what some employers pay a Pharmacy Assistant Salary in Canada on average. 

Pharmacy Assistant Salary with Rexall 

Rexall: As a Pharmacy Assistant with Rexall, expect to earn between $10.15 to $25.15/hour with the average being $16.63/hour and the highest being $25.15. 

Pharmacy Assistant Shoppers Salary 

Shoppers: Pharmacy Assistant Salary with Shoppers range between $10.15 to $30.30 with $10.15 being the pay for entry-level, $19.38 for mid-level and $30.30/hour for the most experienced Pharmacy Assistant. 

Walmart Pharmacy Assistant Salary 

Walmart: Working with Walmart Pharmacy as a Pharmacy Assistant, one should expect to earn between $10.15 and $24.30 on an hourly rate, with an average salary of $16.05/hour. 

Pharmacy Assistant Salary Costco 

Costco: The entry-level Pharmacy Assistant Salary at Costco is the same as most pharmaceutical employers in Canada with an hourly base pay of $10.15. For the average to the most experienced, the Pharmacy Assistant’s Salary is marked at $20.30 and $35.45/hour. 

Can Pharmacy Assistants become Pharmacists?  

This is definitely a question that rings in the minds of many aspiring to progress from their career as pharmacy assistants to pharmacists. The answer is YES! It is very possible to progress from being a pharmacy assistant to a licensed pharmacist in 

Canada with a good amount of work experience and training. Having a degree in pharmacy, passing a professional licensing examination with the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC), and an internship in a Pharmacy would qualify Pharmacy Assistants as licensed Pharmacists in Canada.  

Now that you know what a pharmacy assistant salary in Canada is, it's time to get started! There are many different ways that you can go about getting this job.  

So, there you have it! The basics of what to expect in terms of salary as a pharmacy assistant. It's not an easy job, but it can be very rewarding. If you think this career path might be right for you then why not start by getting some experience working at a pharmacy? To become a pharmacy assistant, you need to at least have a high school diploma.  

There are some schools offering Pharmacy Assistant Diploma Program, it’s not required but can be an advantage if you don’t have a pharmacy education background. Pharmacy work experience is not required but will definitely be an advantage. This would open up more opportunities for advancement down the line when your career begins taking off! 

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