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Social Work vs. Counselling Jobs

February 14, 2023

Trying to find a position as a social worker or counsellor? Learn the essentials right now! Here’s a good read.

What is Counselling in Social Work?

Without interfering with external circumstances that generate emotional turmoil, the key purpose of counselling in social work is the ability to cope with one's difficulties through the identification of future goals and a deep dive into determining the best solution, therapy, to understand one's trauma. Mental health counselling, drug addiction counselling, marriage and family therapy, and child abuse counselling are all examples of common forms of social work counselling. These are in line with the various areas of focus within social work therapy, and they vary with the depth of an individual's emotional needs.

What are the Differences Between Counselling and Social Work?

Roles and Responsibilities

We all understand that helping those in need is the primary objective of both social work and counselling careers. Even if we both admire them for their work, they nonetheless have distinctions that you could find interesting.

Social workers simply concentrate on recognizing a person's issue and offering the best remedy that will be advantageous for the environment or society by making use of all available resources.

Contrarily, counselling emphasizes determining the root reasons for a person's mental health in order to treat the patient directly, look into their own problems and behaviour, and further encourage them to reflect on their feelings, experiences, and traumas.

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Even though social worker and counselling positions frequently overlap, both have distinct areas of expertise. Because social work is more diverse than counselling, one can specialize in a variety of fields such as child welfare, gender-based violence, medical social work, rehabilitation, psychology, and many more after receiving the appropriate training. School counsellors, mental health counsellors, addiction counsellors, career counsellors, medical rehabilitation counsellors, and those who actively assist clients in better understanding themselves through a narrow perspective are a few examples of counselling's specific specializations. How To Become A Registered Social Worker

Social work vs counselling salary

An entry-level social worker would make an average of $40,951 per year, while those with exceptional experience and certifications would make an average of $82,510 per year. In Canada, social workers can make an average of $61,484 per year, or $31.53 per hour. Additionally, the average compensation for counsellors is $48,834 per year, or $25.04 per hour, with an entry-level salary for the profession starting at $35,100. Lastly, the annual wage range for experienced counsellors is $74,939.

Difference between a master in social work and a master in counselling

Having a bachelor's degree in social work is helpful for getting into the field, and obtaining a master's degree in social work and taking the licensing exam can open doors to administrative roles where one can focus on social policy. They could get more credibility in their field by enrolling in a program that has been officially recognized by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). In addition, the prerequisites for entering a master's degree program in social work vary by institution, but generally require:

Counselling, on the other hand, requires programs accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counselling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP) or the Master's in Psychology and Counselling Accreditation Council (MPCAC) in order to recruit qualified therapists. Those who hold a master's degree in counselling often need to have accomplished the following:

Here are some of Canada's finest institutions for obtaining a master's degree in counselling:

Counselling in Social Work

Counselling Jobs

Jobs in counselling are crucially significant, and the field itself is fairly varied, allowing for specialization in areas such as advocacy and assistance. The following are examples of typical roles that might be assigned to social work counsellors based on their area of expertise: Social workers in the fields of child welfare, medicine, forensics, the military services, public health, education, and trauma care. A profession in counselling can take you in many different directions, including those in education, mental health, marital and family therapy, pediatrics, and rehabilitation.

The School Counselling and School Social Work Treatment Planner

The school counselling and social work treatment planner is one of the best-selling treatment plans for mental health professionals since it focuses solely on behavioural issues like bullying, aggression, depression, and other emotional disorders and difficulties. This meets the requirements of social service agencies, care providers, and HMOs by supplying the resources and care required for social work counselling job positions.

Counselling Services

Counselling jobs mainly focus on young children to senior citizens, having a wide range of clients of varying ages and phases of life who have benefited from individual psychotherapy services. From early-life trauma to death and dying, counselling jobs and services cover it all when it comes to mental health and life challenges. Moreover, counselling services offer couples counselling in a caring and compassionate setting for those seeking help with their marriage or other significant connection. They evaluate both the relationship's own problems and any potential external ones. In addition to couples therapy, some clients also choose to get individual care. 

Mental Health Counselling

A mental health counsellor has the qualifications to counsel both individuals and groups. They can make diagnoses in the field of mental health but cannot provide medication. Mental health counsellors are required to have a master's degree in counselling or psychology as well as several years of therapeutic work experience. They're also expected to pass their state's licensure exam.

If you work in the social worker or counselling field and are looking for work, make sure to take advantage of the Caring Support platform. The fantastic features of Caring Support include a resume builder, background checks, and the option to submit your certificates, all of which are designed to make the job search process easier.

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