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On this page, you will find resources and tips for both you and your students/alumni.

Resources For Your Post-Secondary School

Walkthrough Video

Material to Promote Caring Support to Your Students

We have created some material for you to use to promote your students to signup for Caring Support, check it out!

Healthcare Workers Website Landing Page

  • This page has lots of great information and videos to help inform students about the platform, and best of all it's easy to share!

PDF Package

  • Our complete package of the entire platform and how all channels work together. 

  • Please note: The website landing page is a better resource to share as it is more comprehensive and easier to share (and more likely for a student to look at).

Caring Support Presentation to Students

  • One of our team members would be happy to do a presentation about the platform to a group of your students, showing how Caring Support works and answer any questions.

  • We've had great success previously with this option because it's the most interactive and can really show what Caring Support is all about!

  • If this is something you would like to setup, please contact your account manager or click the button below.

Options to Promote your School

Interview About Your School

  • We would love to do a video interview with you where you could talk about your school and why a prospective student should attend.

  • We would work with you to determine some interview questions and then we would record the interview via Microsoft Teams. 

  • This interview would be posted on our YouTube channel and podcast channel, and we would write a blog post for any viewers that prefer to read! We would also post to our social platforms.

  • Let us know if this is something you are interested in by using our contact form (button below).

Social Spotlight

  • Each Friday, we like to feature an individual, organization, or school on our social!

  • All we would need is your school's logo and a short description about your school. This can be sent to us via the button below.

  • Your social spotlight will be posted to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Instagram Post Re-Share to our Stories

  • Our social media team would be happy to share some of your Instagram posts to our stories as well, you can send us a DM on Instagram with whichever post(s) you would like us to re-share.

  • Our Instagram handle is @caring_support

Resources For Your Students/Alumni

Student Resource Page

Share the following link with your students in order to best help them with their free healthcare worker account!

Student Walkthrough Videos


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Referring another organization or school will help us grow so we can support you better!
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