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Discover the most innovative and cost-effective employment platform in the market right now. Dozens of healthcare employers and post-secondary institutions can't be wrong. Caring Support is a user-friendly and resourceful platform for all your recruitment and job placement needs!

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About Caring Support

Caring Support is an employment platform that serves as a central resource for healthcare workers, employers and schools to easily connect, accelerating and simplifying hiring and job placement processes. It is a revolutionary tool truly dedicated to the healthcare sector.

The platform provides a meeting place for Healthcare Employers, Healthcare Workers, and Post-Secondary Institutions (PSIs), facilitating communication between all three channels so they can benefit from each other in one big community.

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Benefits for

HealthCare Employers

  • Ability to post jobs, communicate, and quickly hire skilled Healthcare Workers.
  • Can develop partnerships with Post-Secondary Institutions to get interns and new graduates.
  • Absolute control over recruitment process, while cutting costs and saving time.
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Benefits for

Post-Secondary Institutions

  • Increased job placement ratios for new graduates, which will help attract more students.
  • Access to exclusive internship programs  in top healthcare organizations.
  • Ability to promote course opportunities and career advancement to students and alumni.

How Does the Platform Work?

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As a Healthcare Employer, after signing up to the platform, you will gain access to our extensive Healthcare Worker Database. You will be able to search for potential candidates that fit your criteria using precise filters, view their detailed profiles, save the ones that interest you, and communicate with them directly through the in-app messaging tool. You will also be able to connect with post-secondary institutes, present them your internship programs (or collaborate with them to create new ones), and inquire about their academic programs and students available to become interns at your company.

As a Post-Secondary Institute, once you have signed up to the platform, you will be able to connect with your students and alumni on the platform, see what they have been up to, and communicate directly to offer them academic and career advancement opportunities at your institution. You will also be able to connect with healthcare employers to introduce them to your students as potential interns or potential new hires. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with them to create new internship programs at their organization, which will benefit your students, while increasing the prestige and popularity of your institution.

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