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How Can You Get A Lab Assistant Certification?

February 15, 2022

Lab assistants collect health information and test samples from patients and work with scientists, researchers, and healthcare professionals to help and identify diseases, develop medical treatments for patients, and screen for illegal substances used.

To be able to work as a Lab Assistant you will first need a Lab Assistant Certification indicating that you have completed the required examinations and license process and that you have gained the skills and knowledge needed as a Certified Lab Assistant. 

What Is a Medical Lab Assistant Certification?

To get a Medical Lab Assistant Certification you will have to successfully pass the CSMLS Exam that will help you quickly get recognized in your profession as a Medical Lab Assistant. But to be able to get a Medical Lab Assistant Certification you will first need to complete a full program that consists of courses that will teach you how to collect blood, tissues, and other samples from patients, perform tests, classify results, record findings, and teach you how to work directly with other health care providers and patients.

Although it is not required by the government to obtain an MLA Certification, most employers require it as they see it as a sign of your competence. Getting certified will give you a recognized professional credential that you can feel proud of and can give you a chance to advance your career with the right qualifications and additional education and training to expand into new roles like:

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What Jobs Can You Get with A Medical Lab Assistant Certification?

With a Medical Lab Assistant Certification in hand and the successful completion of all the courses and the required examinations needed for the Medical Lab Certification, you can start searching for employment in many different settings including Hospitals, Medical Clinics, etc.

Individuals with a Medical Lab Assistant Certificate are qualified for many positions including:

In addition to these positions and roles, an individual with a Medical lab Assistant Certification can expand and advance their career by obtaining additional education and training.

Benefits of Laboratory Assistant Certification

The Medical Laboratory Assistant Certification can benefit you to get the recognition of your competence and prove that you can practice this profession under a set of national standards.

To obtain the MLA Certification you will first need to graduate from an MLA Program either from an educational institution or a hospital-based program, and then apply for the CSMLS Exam that will get you your MLA Certification after you successfully pass the Exam.

Where Can You Work with A Lab Assistant Certification?

Lab Assistants can work in many variable places such as:

How To Get Your Lab Assistant Certification Online

You can take your CSMLS exam online regardless of where you live in Canada. After passing the exam you will have access to your Lab Assistant Certification.

With the Lab Assistant Certification in your hands, you will be able to apply for Lab Assistant jobs all across Canada, it will be easier and faster for you to get a job in your profession with the Lab Assistant Certification because many employers require it to be able to get the job.

We hope this article was informative for you and helps you understand more about the Medical Lab Assistant Certification and how to get it. If you are interested and want to learn more about it, follow us on social to stay up to date with all our resources. If you already have your Medical Lab Assistant Certification, make sure to sign up to the Caring Support platform where you will find a variety of different Lab Assistant jobs posted and many opportunities for you to grow and develop your career. 

If have any questions for us please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or reach out directly to Caring Support. Thank you for reading!

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