All About Medical Lab Technician Jobs

Not all healthcare careers require direct interaction with patients. You can have a positive impact on people’s lives while still working behind the scenes! One of these careers is a Medical Lab Technician, or MLT, known to be one of the most important team members in the medical lab. Their responsibility is to collect, test and evaluate sample results that are ordered by the doctor. 

For students who are looking to take this path and work as a medical lab tech, you must be able to work in a team with physicians and scientists, be detail-oriented and follow strict procedures.

In this article we will be talking about medical lab technician job duties and responsibilities, skills and qualifications required, and much more.

Medical Lab Technician duties and responsibilities?

A Medical Lab Technician's job is to perform lab tests and procedures ordered by doctors to detect all types of abnormalities and medical conditions.

Here are some of the duties and responsibilities of a Medical Lab Technician:

Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) Soft Skills

A medical lab technician job requires several skills to be able to succeed in this career and to effectively perform their daily duties. Including the hard skills learned in school, all medical techs should acquire the following soft skills to become successful medical lab technicians. 

Medical Lab Technician (MLT) Hard Skills

Medical lab equipment is mostly electronic and high-tech equipment which requires some hard skills to learn how to use, here is a list of all the hard skills you need for a medical lab technician job:

In conclusion, being a medical lab technician is a great opportunity to help you build your career in the healthcare field.

We hope that this article was informative and educational for you and for the people that have an interest in pursuing this as a career. If you are, or you know someone that is a medical lab technician, you can sign up for Caring Support to start developing your career with tons of employment opportunities we have available!  

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