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How to Find a PSW Job with No Experience in Canada

Are you a PSW with no experience? No problem! It may sound like the type of thing you would hear in a bad infomercial, but it is true. Whether you just finished your personal support worker training or are about to, finding a job in this field can be fairly easy if you know where to look, how to market yourself to employers, and what tools to use. At Caring Support we understand all of this very well, and that is why we made it our mission to help people like you land the PSW jobs you are looking for.

Getting a PSW Job with No Experience is Possible!

Like in most industries, getting the right job is a combination of factors like your qualifications as a candidate, your ability to network, the availability of positions in the labour market, to name some of the main ones. However, in the healthcare sector, there are other variables to consider, especially if you are trying to get a PSW job with no experience in this occupation.

Best Recommendations for Finding a PSW Job with No Experience:

Chose the right resume format

When you have little to no experience in the field you want to work in, you need to be smart about the type of resume you chose because the traditional model is designed to highlight exactly what you are yet to have, work experience. Instead, opt for a format that emphasizes your education and soft skills, as well as your personality. To achieve this, we recommend you create a video resume to share with recruiters and, if you decide to sign up for a caregiver profile on our platform, you can upload it for employers to find.

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Showcase your practical knowledge

It is true that when you just finish your PSW training you have no experience, but that does not mean you do not have any experience to share with employers during interviews or in your cover letter. Remember that one of the requirements to complete any personal support worker program is, according to the Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities of Ontario, to have at least 600 hours of class time AND practical experience time. Use that experience to show employers what you have learned in the field.

Have your paperwork ready

Personal support workers must be perceived as reliable because healthcare organizations, long-term care facilities, and families entrust the care of their patients, clients, and loved ones to them. That is why PSWs looking to get hired need to have their paperwork ready to prove to employers why they are the right caregiver for the job. This paperwork includes documents like recommendation letters, references, proof of immunizations, certifications in relevant skills like first aid and CPR, and criminal records.

psw job with no experience

Take care of your fitness and health

Being a personal support worker is hard work. PSWs are not only expected to work for long shifts permanently on their feet, but they must also perform strenuous physical activity to support their clients. According to personalsupportworkerhq.com, these activities can range from helping a patient with no mobility to turn over, to carrying them yourself to give them a bath or change their position. Therefore, if you are looking for jobs in this field, you should be physically prepared for it.

How can Caring Support help you?

The Caring Support platform provides caregivers, including RN’s, RPN’s, PSW’s and volunteers, a location to easily showcase your professional skills and qualifications to multiple employers from one place.

Our platform has features like a video resume, that allows PSWs with no experience like you to show off your personality without even having to meet with employers. You just have to post a video resume to your profile and let your true self shine. In addition to this, our site includes a built-in messaging feature to stay in contact with future employers, so you don’t have to ever worry about losing potential job emails in your inbox.

The Caring Support Platform is much more than a job matching site. We believe we can help the healthcare system and take some of the stress out of finding a new job, by connecting PSWs, RNs, RPNs, and volunteers to the right healthcare organizations.

Our CEO, Joseph Jongsma, has said that part of our work is ensuring that the burden of searching for a new job is not placed on healthcare workers by letting their profile on the platform do all the heavy lifting, especially during these times of COVID-19, when the need for caregivers has grown.

If you are one of the hundreds of newly trained PSWs with no experience looking for a psw job right now, we hope these recommendations help you land the best position for your education and skills. Our platform has many more sources to help you start your PSW job with no experience in the healthcare industry. Good luck!

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