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How to Create a Video Resume that Stands Out

November 10, 2023

Video resumes are slated to be the norm in the future when it comes to hiring and recruitment. Especially in this work-from-home economy, it's unlikely that hiring managers will opt for face-to-face initial interviews especially when pieces of information like previous experience and interpersonal skills of job applicants are readily available via traditional resume submissions online. In the healthcare industry, however, working from your own home is not as common, but getting hired remotely can happen, as recruiters recognize the value of utilizing and relying on social media and computer applications to speed up the onboarding process.

In this article, we will be sharing valuable knowledge with aspiring healthcare job applicants regarding how to make a great video resume that stands out from the rest. This includes technical skills you might need to develop or familiarize yourself with, presenting yourself confidently in front of the camera, maintaining the professional quality of your video resume, as well as the right video resume format and some good video resume examples that can be of use to you.

What is a Video Resume?

A video resume is how a candidate for a position shares about their skills, experience, and accomplishments with a potential employer. These videos can be uploaded to a website, an online employment platform, or sent via email to recruiters and hiring managers.

Video resumes may be accompanied by a traditional resume, but not necessarily. They can be targeted to a specific position or company, but they can also be generic for a particular industry. Additionally, video resumes can be recorded using a phone, a webcam, or an actual filming professional, especially for healthcare professionals who want to go the extra mile.

We understand that video resumes can seem a little scary to begin with, but we promise that they are one of the best tools available right now to help candidates stand out by showing their personality, enthusiasm, and creativity.

Why Do Healthcare Workers Need a Video Resume?

The short answer is that video resumes help you market yourself better to employers.

Video resumes are a helpful tool for candidates in all industries, because they allow you to show healthcare employers why they should hire you by showcasing why you are the best person for the job, what hard and soft skills you have, and what you’ve learned from past job experiences, in your own words.

In the healthcare industry where most workers are required to perform client-facing roles, video resumes are an excellent way for you to show off your personality and your positive attitude, especially when it comes to personal support workers and nurses who many times provide home care for patients on behalf of their family members. In fact, a person would be more motivated to interview a caregiver for their elderly parent or a disabled loved one if they're able to get a glimpse of their personality through a video early in the selection process.

To summarize, a video resume helps you make a good impression by showing the aspects of yourself that you can’t display on a traditional resume, such as your verbal communication skills, your charisma, and how much you care for your work and for others, something that is critical in healthcare.

how to make a video resume

How to Create a Video Resume That Stands Out

The following tips will help you create a strong video resume. We can’t guarantee that it will get you hired on the spot, but we can assure you that it will make you stand out from the competition. Here are the best tips to record a video resume:

Streps to create a video resume that stands out.

Technical Skills and Requirements for Making Video Resumes

FAQs About Video Resumes

Many people are still new to the concept of video resumes, and naturally, questions will arise due to unfamiliarity. Thankfully, video resumes are fairly easy to make - writing, editing, shooting, recording, and uploading included. With this being said, these are the most frequently asked questions about video resumes:

FAQ 1: What are the steps in making a good video resume?

To make a video resume, all you have to do is write your script, dress professionally, and set up the space where you want to record it. Find an uncluttered spot or a blank wall if you plan to use a digital background later. Remember that you don't need to go to a professional studio - you can simply use your phone and then edit the video to your liking. A good idea is to show it to a friend or family member to get feedback and make any changes if needed.

FAQ 2: What should be included in a video resume?

Just like a traditional resume, what should be included in a video resume is your work experience, as well as your hard and soft skills, education, and contact information. However, you shouldn't stop there. What really makes video resumes so special is that you can tell one of your success stories there, so choose one that's relevant to the position you are applying to and include a call to action to encourage recruiters to get in contact with you.

FAQ 3: How do you start off your video resume?

The beginning of your video resume is your opportunity to capture the attention of hiring managers. By coming up with an energetic and positive greeting and opening statement, you can do just this. Don't be afraid to be bold. One way to think of your video resume is to see it as your very own TV ad, so it's good to open up with something about yourself and your career that will really make an impact.

FAQ 4: How long should a video resume be?

Video resumes should always be short and sweet. The general rule is to keep them between 60 to 90 seconds long. There are two strategies you can use to keep your video resume well under two minutes: practicing your script and timing yourself to make cuts where needed or editing the video after recording.

FAQ 5: How can you make a video resume script?

Writing a script is simply planning ahead by writing down the ideas you want to communicate to your audience. You can do this with bullets, small paragraphs, or a simple list of ideas (2 to 3 words) that you can quickly read while you record and take it from there.

When you write a script, it will serve as a guideline for you. A script will help you when practicing and ensure you don't forget anything once you start filming, in case you get nervous. To make it easier to follow the script, simply print it out, tape it to a wall in front of you, or have someone hold the pages of cards at your eye level while you speak.

FAQ 6: How should you end a video resume?

The best way to finish a video resume is with a call to action to motivate hiring managers to reach out to you. Before that, you can also reiterate your interest in the position you're applying for and your conviction that you truly are the best person for the job.

FAQ 7: How can you make a video resume creative?

What you can do to make a creative video resume is to find a way to let your personality shine by adding personal touches. You can choose to add some effects, especially if you have some editing skills that you want to show off. Just make sure to get feedback on it before sending the video out to ensure you're not going over the top. Using software, you can add text, transitions, background music, as well as pictures and videos that showcase your skills and talent as a healthcare worker.

FAQ 8: Why are video resumes important?

Video resumes are important because they allow workers to stand out from the competition and catch the attention of hiring managers in a creative and memorable way. It is as simple as that. Create a video resume if you want to show off your personality, say things about your skills, qualifications, and interests that you won't be able to communicate easily in a traditional resume, and express your genuine desire to work for a particular organization.

How to Upload Your Video Resume to Your Caring Support Profile

At Caring Support, we truly believe no one can sell you better than yourself, and we want to give you the opportunity to prove it. Get your camera ready, put on your best smile, and don't forget to apply the recommendations above to create your own video resume.

Once you have it, follow these simple steps to upload it, and before you know it employers could be hearing why you are the best candidate for a position in their organization from your own words.

Are Video Resumes the Future of Hiring and Recruitment in Healthcare?

Video resumes have emerged as a potential game-changer in the realm of hiring and recruitment in healthcare. As technology continues to advance, the traditional paper resume is being supplemented with video formats that allow candidates to showcase their skills and personalities more effectively. In the healthcare industry, where effective communication and interpersonal skills are crucial, video resumes can provide a unique opportunity for job seekers to stand out from the competition.

Moreover, video resumes enable recruiters to get a better sense of a candidate's professionalism, confidence, and demeanour before inviting them for an interview. However, we must also acknowledge that video resumes may not be suited for all positions or industries within healthcare. While they can be beneficial for roles like nurses or physical therapists where communication skills are paramount, positions requiring technical expertise or administrative tasks may still rely heavily on traditional resumes.

But this doesn't take away from the fact that video resumes still offer great promise and potential in transforming the hiring process in healthcare. Careful consideration must be given to striking the right balance between innovation and necessity based on each specific role within the healthcare industry.

An applicant recording herself through her laptop's webcam for her video resume.

Create Outstanding Video Resumes at Caring Support

Making your video resume at Caring Support offers a plethora of advantages that can significantly enhance your healthcare job application. It allows you to showcase your communication skills, personality, and professionalism in a more dynamic format, leaving a lasting impression on potential employers. By presenting yourself through video, you give healthcare recruiters an opportunity to witness your charisma and confidence firsthand, providing them with a better understanding of your suitability for the role.

By making your video resume, you highlight specific experiences or projects visually, making it easier for recruiters to grasp the breadth of your accomplishments quickly. In today's fast-paced digital age, video resumes demonstrate adaptability and technological proficiency, setting you apart from traditional paper-based candidates. It's time to embrace this innovative approach to job applications through Caring Support and position yourself at the forefront of healthcare job opportunities.

Create an account at Caring Support and open your doors to a million possibilities in your healthcare career today. If you already have an account, you may also log in here.

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