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Top 4 Companies that Offer Employment Screening Services

November 8, 2023

Especially in Canada, a thorough and well-managed hiring process involves background screening, checking of any criminal records, employment history verification, drug testing, and credit checks, among other employee screening procedures, to ensure that the applicant is the right fit for the company. If you're wondering about the top companies that offer background checks, then you've come to the right place.

In this article, we will be discussing the top companies that offer employment screening services to other companies.   We will list down 4 companies that ensure employers the accessibility to accurate and reliable information on potential candidates, the avoidance of negligent hire risks, the mitigation of potential legal liabilities, the protection of their brand reputation, and the safety of the work environment for their employees. Find out which companies are among the best fits to make your hiring process more comprehensive and efficient.

Companies That Offer Employment Screening Services

Playing a significant role in helping employers make excellent hiring decisions, employment screening companies specialize in conducting comprehensive background checks, verifying the accuracy of job applicant information, and assessing their suitability for specific roles in their respective companies. Below are 10 companies that offer employment screening services:

1) Caring Support

Priding itself on streamlining healthcare employment screening procedures, Caring Support boasts both excellent employee and employer assistance, criminal background checking, user-friendly signups and sign-ins via app or desktop, up-to-date job openings, and a whole lot more. Caring Support supplies the demand for healthcare professionals in Canada, ensuring that the records and credentials of healthcare employees are clean and verified, and making the overall hiring process smoother and more seamless.

From medical startups to healthcare industry giants, all the way to aspiring clinicians to highly experienced healthcare professionals, Caring Support is partnered with organizations to help with pre-employment screening most especially for those in the field of healthcare, as well as partnerships with other niche-specific healthcare organizations in Canada, aiming to be the go-to company for anything related to healthcare employment. Get started today and create an account, or log in if you already have an existing account.

Healthcare professionals talking to their patients.

2) Accurate

To help you find the right candidate for the job, Accurate helps you verify and confirm the candidate's information with Accurate Background and its full suite of candidate background verification procedures while still keeping an eye on any outstanding candidates without cutting any corners. Accurate's process has been refined to make background checking more reliable and beneficial, ranging from criminal backgrounds and credit checks to drug and health screenings, with their Form I-9 and E-Verify options.

Remember also that Accurate Background complies with federal, state, and association requirements to help you make good hiring decisions, helping with onboarding candidates efficiently and ensuring that your company's employment needs are met at the soonest time possible, with the best candidate possible.

3) HireRight

With many successful organizations relying on HireRight, their focus on innovation started with their launch as the first internet-based background screening solutions company. HireRight is known to deliver efficient and client-centred solutions in order to boost efficiency, speed up time-to-hire, and make both HR professionals and candidates enjoy a hassle-free, more simplified process.

HireRight can increase company efficiency by managing and unifying screening programs around the world. With claims of accuracy and results that are 99.98% dispute-free, HireRight also enables self-service via their advanced applicant tracking systems, in collaboration with the industry leaders as well. HireRight can provide the comprehensive support your company needs with their global account management services that operate internationally.

4) First Advantage

Providing not just ordinary employment screening services but also executive background check services, First Advantage claims to vet those entrusted with corporate information at the highest levels through a detailed, C-level pre-employment screening before a hiring decision is made. First Advantage also offers verification of particular sections of resume credentials and other pieces of information such as civil litigation, negative media searches, and corporate and regulatory histories.

Why Do You Need Pre-employment Screening Services in Canada?

Reasons why you need pre-employment screening services in Canada.

No company wants a slow and gruelling hiring process, especially if you need a qualified, highly skilled, and well-trained employee as soon as possible. With this being said, there are many reasons to hire a third-party employment screening service provider for your company. Below are some of them:

1) To verify accuracy

Employment screening enables companies to gather comprehensive information about potential employees that goes beyond what's presented on resumes and during interviews. By partnering with reputable screening providers, employers can verify the accuracy of their applicants' work history, educational background, and professional credentials. There's no need to manually call other companies - all the hard work is done for you by your chosen employee screening provider.

2) To check criminal records

Background checks can also reveal any criminal records or negative behaviours like workplace harassment that may be detrimental to a company's reputation and pose a serious risk not only to its employees but also its clients. Moreover, employee screening services may also include drug tests to make sure that candidates are capable of maintaining a safe and productive workplace environment.

3) To ensure job qualifications

A workforce comprising highly skilled and knowledgeable employees enhances the overall productivity and efficiency of your team. After all, qualified employees possess the competencies like program proficiency, troubleshooting abilities, and critical thinking required to perform their roles effectively, resulting in better-quality work output. Moreover, employees with the right qualifications contribute to improved decision-making within the organization and increased analysis skills regarding complex problems.

The abovementioned hiring objectives are part and parcel of thorough and well-executed screening protocols that will not only protect businesses from negligent hiring liabilities but will also help establish trust and cultivate long-lasting professional relationships with clients and stakeholders. By ensuring that your workforce consists of qualified employees who align with the company's core values and principles, your chances of gaining public trust, attracting hot leads, closing your prospective deals, and encouraging consistent patient patronage increase significantly.

Find your ideal candidate at Caring Support.

Get Verified Healthcare Applicant Records and Credentials with Caring Support

In today's highly competitive job market, an employee screening service provider can make all the difference in hiring the right healthcare professional for your company. Streamlined pre-employment screening gives you valuable insights and guidance for hiring professionals to choose a standout candidate among heaps of other applicants. It's crucial to emphasize the importance of verifying the practical skills, relevant experiences, and qualifications of your prospects, as well as their backgrounds and records to ensure workplace safety, efficiency, and productivity.

At Caring Support, we connect candidates with prospective employers looking to hire qualified, trusted, and reliable healthcare employees. We help healthcare employers stay true to their company values, boost their reputation and brand image, and help the workplace stay safe and secure. Find the right fit for your company and create your free account at Caring Support today.

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