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All About Registered Massage Therapist Jobs

November 18, 2023

As the world collectively experiences stress, there comes an overwhelming demand for massage therapy services. In Canada, a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) is often described as a health professional who specializes in therapeutic massage.

The RMT profession is highly regulated, and only licensed professionals may use this particular title. Professional massaging involves applying pressure, kneading, stretching, or mobilizing certain affected areas to alleviate pain, reduce muscle tension, and improve circulation. Registered massage therapists are expected to have a thorough understanding of the human anatomy and physiology to tailor treatment plans based on the client's specific needs.

In this article, we'll be talking about Registered Massage Therapist jobs in Canada, including their roles and responsibilities, their education and experience necessary, job skills, job soft skills, salaries, and job opportunities. Find out what it takes to be a Registered Massage Therapist and how you can apply for this job with the best possible employer and salary range.

What's a Registered Massage Therapist's (RMT's) Job?

A Registered Massage Therapist's job is to treat clients' pain and discomfort by manipulating soft tissues and muscles. As an RMT, you are typically required to evaluate your client's health history and current symptoms, as well as plan and implement treatment strategies and educate them on self-care practices. Different from chiropractic therapy, Registered Massage Therapists may work in various settings, including healthcare facilities, spas, fitness centres, and private practice.

What Does a Registered Massage Therapist Job Entail?

As a Registered Massage Therapist, your responsibilities include:

In addition to the above, RMTs must maintain a high level of professionalism and adhere to ethical and legal standards set by regulatory bodies. They must also keep accurate records of client treatment and progress to monitor their effectiveness and adjust the treatment plan as needed.

Registered Massage Therapist Job Skills

To become a successful Registered Massage Therapist in Canada, you must have a combination of technical skills, personal attributes, and professional competencies. These include:

Technical Skills

Personal Attributes

Professional Competencies

Additionally, RMTs must adhere to ethical and legal standards set by regulatory bodies, maintain accurate records of client treatment and progress, and engage in ongoing education to keep up-to-date with industry developments and advancements.

Hard skills necessary for a registered massage therapist to succeed.

Registered Massage Therapist Job Soft Skills

In addition to technical skills and professional competencies, soft skills are equally important for success as a Registered Massage Therapist. Soft skills are personal attributes that enable individuals to interact effectively with others and contribute to a positive work environment. These include:

Empathy and Compassion

Patience and Respect

Professionalism and Integrity

Effective Communication

Soft skills that are necessary to succeed to become a registered massage therapist.

By developing and maintaining these soft skills, Registered Massage Therapists can provide a more holistic and effective approach to client care. They can establish long-lasting relationships with clients, increase client satisfaction and retention, and contribute to a positive work environment.

How Do You Land a Registered Massage Therapist Job?

To become a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) in Canada, you must meet certain education and licensing requirements, including:



Continuing Education

Additionally, RMTs must maintain liability insurance and follow infection control procedures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. By meeting these requirements, RMTs can ensure that they provide safe, effective, and high-quality care to their clients while maintaining the integrity of the profession.

A list summarizing how to become a registered massage therapist.

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Registered Massage Therapist Job Salaries in Canada

Registered Massage Therapist jobs are in high demand in Canada, and the average salary for an RMT in Ontario is $61,240 per year. Salaries can vary depending on location, experience, and type of employer. For example, RMTs working in private practice may earn more than those working in healthcare facilities.

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Find Your Next Healthcare Career

How Do You Find Registered Massage Therapist Jobs in Places like Toronto, Ottawa, and Ontario?

There are various ways to find RMT jobs in places like Toronto, Ottawa, and Ontario. You can search online job boards, such as Indeed or Monster, or visit career fairs and networking events. Additionally, you can contact recruitment agencies or reach out to potential employers directly, as building a professional network has proven time and again to be a valuable tool for finding job opportunities.

RMTs can also find amazing job opportunities on Caring Support, a healthcare-focused talent acquisition platform designed to connect healthcare workers and students with employers. By using Caring Support, RMTs can find a variety of job opportunities, ranging from part-time to full-time positions, across Toronto, Ottawa, and the rest of Ontario, among other places in Canada. Additionally, Caring Support offers tools and resources to help RMTs navigate the job search process, including resume and cover letter tips, interview preparation, and career guidance.

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Where Can I Work as a Registered Massage Therapist?

Possessing expertise and professionalism, Registered Massage Therapists play a crucial role in enhancing physical well-being and serving as integral members of multidisciplinary healthcare teams. With this being said, Registered Massage Therapists in Canada can work in a variety of settings, depending on their interests and career goals. Some of the settings where RMTs may work include:

Hospitals and Rehabilitation Centres

Spas and Wellness Centres

Sports Clinics and Athletic Centres

Private Practice

Aside from hospitals and rehabilitation centres, spas and wellness centres, sports clinics and athletic centres, and private practices, RMTs can specialize in a specific area of massage therapy, such as:

Prenatal Massage

Sports Massage

Oncology Massage

By working in different settings and specializing in specific areas, RMTs can expand their skillset and provide a more diverse range of services to clients.

A list of where one can work as a registered massage therapist.

How Do You Write an Ideal Resume for a Registered Massage Therapist Job?

To write a good resume for an RMT job, you should focus on highlighting your education, experience, and skills. But most especially, you should spotlight what sets you apart from other candidates. Here are a few tips to help you create a winning resume:

Education and Training


Soft Skills


Caring Support also offers a FREE Resume Builder for RMTs looking for job opportunities. You can create a fully customizable resume for FREE with your Caring Support account. The platform provides various templates and designs to choose from, allowing you to create a professional-looking resume quickly and easily.

Tips on how to write an ideal resume for a registered massage therapist job.

The Future of Registered Massage Therapist Jobs

The demand for Registered Massage Therapists in Canada is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. As more people seek alternative healthcare options and prioritize self-care, the need for therapeutic massage services is likely to increase. Additionally, advances in technology, such as telehealth and general remote work, may create new opportunities for RMTs to provide services virtually.

In Conclusion

The Registered Massage Therapist job offers a fulfilling and rewarding career path for those interested in helping others and promoting health and wellness. With a combination of technical and soft skills, as well as specialized training and education, RMTs play a crucial role in treating clients' pain and discomfort. As the demand for massage therapy services continues to grow, there are numerous job opportunities available in a variety of settings. Whether you're just starting your career or looking for a new opportunity, consider using Caring Support to connect with employers and find your ideal RMT job.

An RMT massaging the hand of their patient.

Caring Support: Connecting Healthcare Professionals With Employers

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There's no need to use email or sign up for countless job sites - Caring Support can do all the work for you with just one click. You can create your account, log in to an existing one, and find your dream healthcare job today.

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