Marketing Request Form

Do you have a marketing request? Fill out the form below!

What's the process for a marketing request?

Step 1: Request form

  • Fill out the form below to request a marketing piece.
  • Make sure to include as much information as possible (as if your life depends on it!).
  • Use your best judgement to determine if a meeting should be setup to discuss more in detail, but try to avoid it!

Step 2: Approval from Marketing

  • The marketing team will determine if this piece is necessary and/or something like the request already exists (because it's possible).
  • The marketing team will then determine the priority based on the info in the request and the date requested by.

Step 3: Creation by Marketing

  • If approved, the marketing team will work their magic.

Step 4: Approval by Request Owner

  • Once the piece has been completed by marketing, it will be sent to the Request Owner (whoever's name is on this form!).
  • It is the owner's job to get approval from anyone else.

Alright, go fill out the form!

Thank you!
The marketing team will be in touch if they need anything additional.

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