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Top Healthcare Staffing Agencies to Meet Your Staffing Demands

November 2, 2023

Healthcare staffing agencies are known to provide much-needed assistance in overcoming staffing challenges among companies, especially those in the field of health care. Staffing agencies help mitigate the impact of nursing and physician shortages faced by hospitals and other healthcare facilities. They have extensive networks and access to a wide pool of highly skilled healthcare professionals who can quickly fill vacant positions with qualified candidates.

In this article, we will be listing the top healthcare staffing agencies that can meet the demands of your healthcare facility. From healthcare workers like personal support workers to clinicians like psychotherapists and nursing practitioners, know which agencies are best suited for which types of healthcare professionals.

1) Caring Support

An all-in-one platform for healthcare professionals, facilities, and other related individuals and organizations, Caring Support does all the heavy lifting, like staffing and recruiting, employee and employer matching, background checking, credential verification, resume building, and many more. What Caring Support does is create and follow a more streamlined process for efficient job matching and hiring, taking the burden of this from healthcare employers and professionals and filling a position at the soonest time possible.

Having a thorough understanding of the urgency that healthcare recruitment entails, as well as the everyday demands of the healthcare industry, Caring Support is an easy, smooth, and convenient solution to healthcare staffing issues and concerns like job mismatches, inexperienced workers, employees with questionable credentials and backgrounds, and inefficient recruitment processes.

Caring Support: the all-in-one platform for healthcare professionals.

2) AMN Healthcare

AMN Healthcare specializes in providing travel nurses, allied health professionals, and physicians across various specialties to the healthcare facilities and platforms that need them. They have a vast network of healthcare professionals and offer comprehensive staffing solutions for both short-term assignments and permanent placements. AMN Healthcare provides tech-enabled, proven solutions in order to enhance operating margins and boost financial performance, as well as increase the flexibility of the workforce, and improve the overall patient experience.

3) Global Medical Staffing

Global Medical Staffing is known for its extensive network of highly qualified healthcare professionals from various specialties. They offer personalized placement services, ensuring a perfect match between the candidate and the hiring facility's needs. Having placed staff in parts of the world such as Australia, Asia, Africa, and North America, Global Medical Staffing is a locum tenens agency that takes pride in supplying the needs of doctors all around the world, and matches them with the perfect employer.

4) Aureus Medical Group

Aureus Medical Group focuses primarily on recruiting travel healthcare professionals for various positions such as nursing, therapy, and medical laboratory science. They offer personalized support to their candidates throughout the hiring process and prioritize matching them with the right opportunities. Especially in the fields of therapy, neurodiagnostic, nursing, oncology, imaging, and cardiopulmonary, Aureus Medical Group aims to provide countless career opportunities and partners with other healthcare organizations as well to elevate their service offerings.

5) Axis Medical Staffing

Axis Medical Staffing focuses on connecting skilled nurses with reputable healthcare facilities worldwide. With its wide range of job opportunities and great support system, Axis has become a go-to agency in the industry. Meanwhile, what they specialize in are per diem staffing, travel nursing, contract-to-hire, direct hire placements, and contract assignments, especially for nursing professionals and allied healthcare specialists.

6) Maxim Healthcare Services

Maxim Healthcare Services stands out for its broad range of services that include home healthcare, medical staffing, behavioural care, and population health management. Their holistic approach ensures they can meet various needs within the healthcare industry effectively. Maxim Healthcare Services offers care services, especially in the fields of pediatrics, adult medicine, developmental psychiatry and psychology (autism), military and federal, and private duty nursing, as well as local services.

7) HealthcareRecruit

HealthcareRecruit holds a strong reputation too, as they specialize in sourcing doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals for both permanent and temporary placements globally. Their team's expertise ensures smooth recruitment processes for candidates and employers alike, being a leading international healthcare recruitment group for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Some of their clientele include world-leading pharmaceutical, biotech, and healthcare institutions.

8) Supplemental Health Care

Supplemental Health Care is another prominent agency known for offering innovative workforce solutions in areas such as travel nursing, per diem shifts, local contracts, and interim leadership positions across different specialties. Supplemental Health Care is known for its expertise in hospitals, home health and hospice, schools, correctional health and government services, ambulatory and long-term care, behavioural and mental health, and workforce solutions.

9) Aya Healthcare

Aya Healthcare specializes in staffing for travel nursing, allied and per diem jobs. Being a large digital healthcare platform that connects professionals with leading healthcare facilities, Aya Healthcare allows you access to some exclusive jobs in nursing and in other hospital-related fields with an app that bridges healthcare employees to their dream per diem jobs and hospital float pool positions.

10) Triage Staffing

Triage Staffing serves five major divisions of acute care: specifically, nursing, lab, radiology, rehab therapy and cardiopulmonary. Triage Staffing has one point of contact for both travellers and facilities (per division), as well as in-house compliance and accounting specialists, on-staff clinical liaisons and mentoring programs run and managed by actual clinicians, among others.


Healthcare staffing agencies and their team members possess specialized knowledge about licensure requirements, credentialing, and compliance regulations, ensuring that only competent individuals are placed into critical roles. Moreover, they offer flexible service schedules as they address fluctuating patient volumes or unexpected absences and they can provide temporary staff on short notice.

By handling the time-consuming aspects of recruiting and vetting applicants, staffing agencies allow healthcare institutions and service providers to focus on providing quality care for their patients. Overall, healthcare staffing agencies play such a vital role as partners in maintaining adequate workforce levels, as they also relieve you of burdensome administrative tasks, and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

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Caring Support: The Best Healthcare Staffing Agency

Healthcare workers and employers are the backbone of the medical field, which is why efficient strategies in staffing are a must. This need for initiatives from healthcare leaders to implement procedures regarding effective and quality staffing processes has never been more important than now.

At Caring Support, we streamline the recruitment process of your healthcare facilities to help you match with the right candidates seamlessly and conveniently. A contact-free staffing service provider, Caring Support helps employers form valuable connections with patients and healthcare professionals alike, improve the productivity and performance rate at your healthcare facility, and ensure that your system is up and running smoothly and effectively. Get started with Caring Support and sign up for a free account with us today.

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