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Success Story - Jake’s House Community Residence

October 18, 2021

About the Client

Jake’s House Community Residence in Lucan, Ontario, is a blended home for people living with autism and seniors who are related to someone on the spectrum or have experience with this condition. It is the first inclusive housing facility of its kind in the province, and its focus is providing a safe place for residents to live healthy and happy lives.

The management team at Jake’s House in Lucan prides themselves on the fact that their organization is considered a "nice place to work" for healthcare workers, where they feel valued and encouraged to provide their best service to residents.

The home is currently going through an expansion process, with new residents moving in every week. As a result, they project a continuous growth of their workforce in the next months to satisfy the higher demand for caregiving services.

The Challenge

Jake’s House in Lucan is in constant recruitment of new healthcare workers such as personal support workers (PSWs), developmental services workers (DSWs), nurses, and other support staff, especially after the pandemic started, when they were unable to rely on volunteers anymore for health and safety reasons. However, their past recruitment process was time-consuming and made it difficult for them to anticipate the outcomes, as they had little control over it.

On top of that, management explained how they have certain standards for staff and a very specific work culture where not all healthcare workers would be a good fit, but the platforms they were using in the past didn’t allow them to search for candidates with certain traits and qualifications. Consequently, they had to rely on widespread job postings that were usually answered by unqualified or uninterested people, and others who didn’t live within commuting distance from their facilities. This situation constantly stalled their recruitment process.

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The Solution

Caring Support, with its unique design and features, was able to completely revolutionize the recruitment process at Jake’s House Community Residence.

The platform allowed their management to:

The Result

To this date, Jake’s House Community Residences in Lucan, ON has hired 7+ healthcare workers through Caring Support and has made the platform their main source to find qualified staff and in the future, volunteers as well.

About The Author
Laura Woodman
Content Marketing Specialist

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