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Sample Resume for a PSW Job

March 30, 2023

Building true relationships with clients, learning about their fascinating lives, and assisting those you care for to live their lives to the fullest may make working as a personal support worker a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Even if you believe that you have the same qualifications and talents as everyone else who is applying for the position, getting a wonderful personal support job might be surprisingly easy to obtain if you have the right PSW resume.

The following is an outline of steps that you can follow to assist you in writing your personal support worker resume:

Always include your contact information

The contact information section of your resume comes first on a resume. Make sure to provide your first and last name, as well as your email address, telephone number, and the city and province in which you are located. If you put your contact information and other pertinent details at the top of your resume, it will be much simpler for hiring managers to find out who you are and how to get in touch with you.

Include a brief professional summary 

You should consider writing a brief professional summary that discusses your work experience and relevant professional skills below your contact information. This can assist you in rapidly establishing your qualifications as a personal support worker. It is common practice to limit the length of a professional summary to one to three sentences, and its primary purpose is to provide hiring managers with a concise method for determining whether or not you meet the general requirements. Provide information such as the number of years you've spent working in the industry or the different kinds of facilities in which you have previous experience, for instance.

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Highlight your skills 

A short skills section should be the next thing you do to your resume. Because personal support workers typically find employment in healthcare environments, it can be to your advantage to highlight the healthcare abilities that are special to your sector. The following are examples of abilities commonly used by personal support workers:

Provide a brief explanation of your work experience

Next, provide a section detailing your professional experience. If you list your previous positions in reverse chronological order (starting with your most recent experience at the top), prospective employers will be able to see how far you've come in the industry. When you talk about your experience, be sure to highlight the aspects of your job that highlight your abilities as a personal support worker, such as the responsibilities you had that were related to the care of patients. 

State your educational background

Following the summary of your skills, describe your educational background. Make sure to include any degrees that you have earned in this section. Although many personal support workers can find work without a college degree, begin this section with the degree that you earned most recently. Indicate the degree you hold, the school you attended, and the date you graduated. It is not necessary to add information about your high school graduation if you have already earned a bachelor's degree.

Add certifications and training

Your certificates and training section should be listed in the final section of your resume, which is designated specifically for that purpose. It is common practice for personal support workers to earn certifications in the medical field, such as in first aid or CPR, so that they can demonstrate their capacity to provide care to patients. As you are listing your qualifications, make sure to include each credential you hold, as well as the organization that certified you and the year you got it.

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Do’s and Don’ts

Here is a list of what you should and should not do when writing a professional PSW resume:



Interview Tips

With your fantastic resume created, the next step is the interview. The following are a few of the pointers that Caring Support can offer you to help you do exceptionally well in that interview.

psw resume

Now that you have it all in front of you, we hope that you feel prepared to start working as a PSW. In the event that writing your resume in this manner appears to be a daunting task, Caring Support has made the process free, quick and easy. You can gain access to our free resume builder by creating your free account. Additionally, you can create as many resumes as you want, all with pre-built, beautifully designed, healthcare-focused templates that can be customized with the colours of your choice. You can save your progress and come back to it at any time, so no worries about finishing it all at once. So go create your free Caring Support account, build your resume, and land that perfect PSW job!

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