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Exploring PSW Jobs for International Nurses

April 7, 2024

Taking on many physically demanding positions, thousands of immigrants from around the world - even those from diverse professional backgrounds - want to become international nurses. Most of these foreign workers have trained in nursing in their home countries, ready for professional development and more competitive pay.

With meaningful goals like giving emotional support, helping with frequent movement for recovering patients, and taking on leadership positions, there are currently many PSW jobs for international nurses available across the nation.

In this article, we will discuss PSW jobs for international nurses - the group benefits or exclusive perks that come with the job, the roster of clients that PSWs can expect, the different types of roles they can take on, different locations or healthcare settings, where recent PSW graduates can get started (especially those with little to no months of employment yet), the types of health care programs to take, and a great place to virtually begin your healthcare career as a PSW.

Advantages of Taking On PSW Jobs for International Nurses

After all the requirements of becoming a registered nurse - using tuition assistance programs, securing a work permit, earning a valid certificate, impressing the talent acquisition team, and getting a job with a license from a large national organization - those coming from countries such as India and the Philippines, as well as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia are the main group of healthcare workers employed as nurses who are also eyeing for a position as a PSW.

Once in Canadian territory, nurses must go through a process that includes examinations, documentation, and more, depending on the province where each of them decides to settle. Since nursing is a regulated profession in this country, the process can be lengthy and complicated, whether for part-time or full-time workers. This is one of the reasons why international nurses consider PSW jobs, as these are great opportunities to get into the healthcare field right away and start gaining experience locally.

Another reason why PSW jobs are a good idea for international nurses is because they are, in a way, pre-trained for their role. In fact, many of these job postings are specifically looking for healthcare workers with their backgrounds due to the need for more PSWs in long-term care and other work settings. These jobs will allow foreign workers to interact with Canadian patients, practice their English or French language skills, learn first-hand how things work in the field, and ultimately contribute to the greater good of public health. But to truly last in this niche, the right thing must be done - prioritize the interest of the health.

A list summarizing the advantages of PSW jobs for international nurses.

Whether you're a first-year or third-year RN, a therapist focusing on shoulder dexterity or sensory ability, or you're an SE health staff or in para medicine, you can give the best care possible if you're equipped, trained, certified, licensed, and most of all, passionate about your craft in the healthcare field. If you're a trained PSW, then you can also support your own family both financially and when they struggle with their own health concerns brought about by age. After all, the mantra that PSWs swear by is "for the health and safety of our patients." It's essential to keep this in mind and support your patients from the first medication up to the last dose.

Disadvantages of Taking On PSW Jobs for International Nurses

As there are benefits to PSW jobs for international nurses, there are also drawbacks. The most noticeable disadvantage would be the overqualification of international nurses, to the point that it's exploitative of nursing professionals from around the world - after all, nurses are known for undergoing intensive training in nursing school but ending up in jobs that basically anyone with enough training can do. While going for a PSW job is not forced, the system that enables it is said to compel international nurses to settle for a PSW job when they're trained for much higher, much more complicated sets of tasks.

Another disadvantage would be, depending on the situation, the pay disparities. International nurses could be paid higher if their jobs are in line with what they learned in nursing school - unfortunately, those who get PSW jobs might settle for lower pay than what they're supposed to be paid.

Can International Nurses Work as PSWs in Ontario?

In most cases, international nurses don’t even have to complete a PSW course to start working as one, and in provinces like Ontario, they may even be eligible to receive incentives and certain benefits if they do choose this path. What some employers in Ontario require is that international nurses complete a Grandfathering Program to Personal Support Worker (INGP-PSW) and that they apply to become members of the Ontario Personal Support Worker Association.

They also require that these workers be able to work legally in Canada and provide proof of their diploma or degree in nursing from their home country that shows they have completed their education. Additionally, international nurses must comply with other requirements like immunization records, references, criminal background checks, and certifications of First Aid and CPR just like any other PSW would, but considering the mass shortage of PSWs in the province right now, they usually don’t have to provide any other documentation. Overall, the process of getting this type of employment has been made pretty fast and easy for them.

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PSW Jobs for International Nurses in Canada

PSW jobs for international nurses in Canada usually expect candidates to provide care for seniors in long-term care centers or in their own homes. In both cases, they are looking for caregivers who will help aging adults with their daily activities so they can continue living with dignity.

In Ontario, some of these jobs offer wages of $17 to $20.00 per hour and benefits like extended health care and flexible schedules. Some of the most common PSW job responsibilities they include in job postings are:

There is also an Ontario PSW Training Program, on top of many others, which can be useful if Ontario is your target province, and this will be further discussed in the section below. Bayshore HealthCare is also a great place to start your career as a PSW. Overall, there are countless opportunities for international nurses in Canada when it comes to PSW jobs. If you're in need of PSW jobs for international nurses in Canada, then utilize our networks and platforms for career opportunities and work towards your goals as soon as possible.

How International Nurses Can Find PSW Jobs in Ottawa and the Rest of Ontario

In line with modern models of care, PSW jobs for international nurses in Canada are in high demand, which is great news for international nurses like yourself if looking for PSW jobs in Ottawa and the rest of Ontario. One of the best ways to secure PSW jobs for international nurses in Canada is to find a way to connect with employers that are actively hiring for the specific roles you are looking for, be it in household management or if you're after an inclusive workplace or mentorship programs to help you out -

Keep in mind that when you join a healthcare employment community, you not only gain access to unique perks like free resume builders, expedited and affordable police checks, an exclusive marketplace for healthcare workers, detailed profiles where you can upload all your certifications, and even a video resume, among other resources. Healthcare employment platforms are everything any international nurse could ask for, especially when looking for PSW jobs in Ottawa or anywhere else in Ontario.

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