PSW Jobs for International Nurses

Each year, Canada receives thousands of immigrants that come from around the world and have diverse professional backgrounds, including health care. Some of these foreign workers have trained in nursing in their home countries and many of them wish to continue developing their careers in the same field once they settle in their new lives. Fortunately for them, there are currently many PSW jobs for international nurses available across the nation, and in this article, we will explain why this is would be a great opportunity for them and how to find this type of employment.

Advantages of PSW Jobs for International Nurses

Canada attracts a large number of international nurses that come looking to be a part of our world-famous health care system. Most of the nurses come from countries such as India, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the Philippines, which is the major source of this particular group of health care workers.

Once in Canadian territory, nurses must go through a process that includes examinations, documentation, and more, depending on the province where each of them decides to settle in. Since nursing is a regulated profession in this country, the process can be lengthy and complicated, and this is one of the reasons why international nurses could consider PSW jobs, as these are great opportunities to get into the health care field right away and start gaining local experience.

Another reason why PSW jobs are a good idea for international nurses is that they are already trained for them. In fact, many of these job postings are specifically looking for health care workers with their backgrounds due to the need for more PSWs in long-term care and other work settings. These jobs will allow foreign workers to interact with Canadian patients, practice their English or French language skills, and learn first-hand how things work in this field.


How Can International Nurses Find PSW Jobs in Canada?

In most cases, international nurses don’t even have to complete a PSW course to start working as one, and in provinces like Ontario, they may even be eligible to receive incentives and certain benefits if they do choose this path.

What some employers in Ontario require is that international nurses complete a Grandfathering Program to Personal Support Worker (INGP-PSW) and that they apply to become members of the Ontario Personal Support Worker Association. Of course, they also require that these workers are able to legally work in Canada and provide proof of their diploma or degree in nursing from their home country that shows they completed their education.

Additionally, international nurses must comply with other requirements like immunization records, references, criminal background checks, and certifications of First Aid and CPR just like any other PSW would, but considering the mass shortage of PSWs in the province right now, they usually don’t have to provide any other documentation. Overall, the process to get this type of employment has been made pretty fast and easy for them. Can A Nursing Student Work As A PSW?

PSW Jobs for International Nurses in Canada

PSW jobs for international nurses in Canada usually expect candidates to provide care for seniors in long-term care centers or in their own homes. In both cases, they are looking for caregivers that will help aging adults with the activities of their daily lives so they can continue living with dignity.

In Ontario, some of these jobs offer wages of $17 to $20.00 per hour and benefits like extended health care, flexible schedule. Some of the most common PSW job responsibilities they include in job postings are:

As a final note, we should say that one of the easiest ways of getting a PSW job in Ontario is creating a Caregiver Profile on our Caring Support Platform. Once you do, you will have access to a constantly updated job board where many employers post their latest vacancies. Also, your profile will be available for them to contact you directly if your skills and qualifications match what they are looking for.

We hope you have found this article helpful, especially if you are an international nurse that recently immigrated to Canada or are coming to the country soon and are looking for ways to start working in the health care field as soon as possible. We hope you know that PSW jobs for international nurses are available in many provinces, and they can be just what you were looking for.

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