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Lab Technician Sample Resume

May 2, 2023

Lab technicians are an essential component of research and testing laboratories. Their responsibilities include the collection and analysis of bodily fluids and tissues, the performance of blood tests, and the study of cells. They are also frequently required for testing food and drinks to assure the safety of the products and to check for any signs of contamination.

How to Write an Effective Lab Tech Resume

To be successful in obtaining a position in the medical industry, it is essential to have a lab tech resume that is well-written, well-organized, and effective. This is true whether you are seeking employment in the forensics, manufacturing, or healthcare industries. The following are four suggestions for drafting a resume for the position of lab technician that will increase your chances of being successful:

Highlight your skills

When assessing applications for the position of laboratory technician, potential employers search for candidates who have particular educational requirements, certifications, and technical skills. If you want to be taken seriously for the position, it is really necessary to mention these specifics in the skills section of your resume.

Study the job description

You should give the job description great consideration in order to determine whether or not you meet all of the requirements necessary for employment. For instance, in order to apply for a position, potential applicants would be required to possess certain credentials or to have worked in the industry for a predetermined amount of time. If you discover that you already possess all of the necessary qualifications, be sure to highlight this fact on your resume.

You should also try to remember any keywords that were included in the job description so that you can utilize those keywords to describe your work experiences on your resume. This might be a helpful way to underline that the combination of your professional experience and the requirements of the post makes you an ideal candidate.

Include your achievements

Quantitative criteria will ultimately be applied to evaluate how well you perform in your role as a laboratory technician. In the experience section of your resume, highlight the positive impact that your talents as a lab technician have had on the businesses you've worked for in the past. You should quantify the most important things you've accomplished by providing data such as the number of patients you've helped, the number of lab tests you've run, the amount of money you've saved (in dollars), or the amount of time you've saved (in days, hours, or even minutes).

Include strong action verbs in your resume

Include lab technician-related action verbs in the work experience section of your resume in order to better convey the technical and managerial skills you possess through the written word. The use of action verbs is another helpful way to highlight your previous accomplishments and successes in your role as a laboratory technician.

Here are some of the strong action verbs that you can use in your  lab technician resume:

Make sure to include lab technician-related keywords in your resume

There are several different sectors that are always looking for qualified lab technicians. Hospitals, research facilities, water companies, pharmaceutical companies, chemical suppliers, food and beverage manufacturers, academic institutions, and government agencies are all in need of qualified laboratory technicians.

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are used by larger businesses to search the resumes of prospective laboratory technicians for particular skill-related keywords. If you do not include the appropriate keywords on your resume, the applicant tracking system (ATS) may delete your application before it is even seen by a hiring manager.

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Tips for Writing a Better Lab Technician Resume

Quantify your laboratory technician experience

Employing managers have the opportunity to acquire a more solid grasp on the scope of your expertise and experience as they read through your application if you quantify achievements from your work history as a medical lab tech and include them in your list of accomplishments. Take note of the way in which the applicant enhances the impact of their bullet points by using percentages and quality measurements in the example that is provided below. During your job hunt, including concrete numbers in your application might go a long way toward setting you apart from the other applicants in the competitive pool. 

Make a creative professional profile

In order to succeed in your job hunt, you need to make sure that the hiring manager is interested in reviewing your resume from the very beginning. An appealing opening summary at the start of your document can serve to present a glimpse of your best skill sets to potential employers. If you create this summary, you should place it above your contact information.

In the following example, the candidate begins their cover letter with a line that highlights many areas of expertise that are relevant to the job for which they are seeking. By highlighting these talents in their professional profile, job seekers can immediately demonstrate to hiring managers that they possess all of the criteria that an employer is looking for in a candidate.

Here is a creative professional profile summary example:

Align your resume with the job description

If you want to get the attention of the person in charge of hiring, you need to make sure that your resume is perfectly tailored to the requirements of the position. When you are developing your content, it is important to pay attention to the key terms and abilities that appear on the posting. You can improve your chances of getting an interview by highlighting the skill sets that are most relevant to the position you are applying for.

Sample Lab Tech Resume

If you have around two to three years of experience working as a lab technician, the resume below is a good sample to follow.

sample resume for lab technical job
Sample Lab Tech Resume

Sameera Lam

(123) 456-7890

2786 Fieldston Ln, Jacksonville, FL 32207


A Lab Technician with three years of professional experience, specializing in phlebotomy, laboratory safety, OSHA regulations, and equipment maintenance. Delivered a presentation at the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science Conference on quality management.

Professional Experience

Medical Lab Tech, Tampa General Hospital, Tampa,  FL

January 2020 – Present

Medical Laboratory Technician, SunCoast Blood Donation Centers, Bradenton, FL

September 2018 – December 2019


Associate in Science in Medical Laboratory Technology

Florida State College, Jacksonville, FL, August 2015 – June 2017

Key Skills


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