How to Apply to a Nursing Program in Ontario

Canadian nursing schools graduate thousands of nurses each year, all of whom then move on to work in hospitals, nursing homes, home care agencies, community centers, medical clinics, and many other healthcare settings. The diversity of opportunities and spaces where nurses can practice their profession is one of the many reasons why nursing is such as popular career path in Canada. In fact, each semester, over 20,000 people apply to the more than 100 nursing programs available, and that's just in Ontario.

Are you part of the growing group of people who are considering nursing to be their life's career? Then keep reading to find out how to get started on your journey to becoming a nurse in the province of Ontario.

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How to Apply to a Nursing Program in Ontario

Applying to nursing school in Ontario is often a four-step process

Step 1: Choose a program

One quick search online will reveal that almost all universities in Ontario have at least one nursing program and many have more than one. To choose the right program for you, first base your search on location, duration, level, and budget. Then, look for specific coursework, clinical practice, infrastructure (labs, classrooms), and reviews from current and former students. Once you narrow your search down to 2-3 options, you can move on to the next step.

Step 2: Meet admission requirements

This is an essential part of the process. You need to familiarize yourself with the most common requirements asked by colleges and universities in the province to know exactly what your chances are to get admission. Keep in mind that in most cases there are college eligibility requirements and program-specific requirements that you need to meet.

Step 3: Start your application

In Ontario, there are two application services for colleges and universities, the Ontario College Application Services (OCAS) and the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC). To start your application you need to find out which service is used by the nursing school of your choice. Once you know this, then you can proceed to pay the initial application and check the documentation needed to complete the process. Note that you will be able to choose more than one nursing program from the same university, and you can also apply to more than one university at a time. You should also know that fees and requirements vary depending on your status in Canada (citizen, resident, future international student, etc.)

Step 4: Submit your documents to complete the application

The final step of the process is gathering all the documentation you need and getting everything ready for submission. Common documentation includes high school transcripts, or college transcripts if you are transferring or you've already graduated from a different program in the past. Ensure all the information you submit is correct, and check for spelling errors or missed documents. When you're ready, complete the application and wait for your desired nursing school to make a decision.

Requirements to be Admitted to a Nursing Program in Ontario

As previously stated, most nursing schools in Ontario will require you to submit past transcripts from high school or other post-secondary institutes you've attended, but that's just one in a list of many requirements, depending on your particular situation.

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The most common nursing school requirements in Ontario

Tips for a Successful Application to a Nursing Program

To have a successful application and academic experience, there are some things you need to consider:

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In closing, before you apply to a nursing program in Ontario, take your time to learn everything you can about the admission process but, most importantly, what it's like to dedicate part of your life to nursing. Keep in mind that nurses in Ontario and across Canada play an integral role in the health care sector, so before you take such a big step, know what you're getting yourself into. One way to do this is through social media, where you will find numerous active nurses who share their work experiences with their followers and who have created positive communities online to support other nurses and nursing students as well.

A final tip before you apply to a nursing program in Ontario or anywhere else in Canada is to set goals for yourself and try to picture the path ahead of you to achieve those accomplishments. This will truly help you prepare for a successful career in nursing in the healthcare sector.

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Good luck with your nursing school application and thanks for reading!

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