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How to Apply for a Registered Dietitian Job

November 17, 2022

So you are thinking about becoming a Registered Dietitian. Well, there's a lot more to it than meets the eye, but first, what is a dietitian? A registered dietitian is an individual who has obtained advanced education and training in human nutrition.

The demand for registered dietitians increased faster than the supply of professionals willing to fill the need, according to a new study. The study revealed that between 2003 and 2015 the demand for civilian dietitians and nutritionists grew by 35 percent and only the supply of professionals willing to fill the need grew by 18 percent. This information tells us that if you are interested in a career as a dietitian your chances of finding work in your desired location are good.

What is a dietitian?

A dietitian job is a healthcare professional who advises people on the types of food that are best to eat. A dietitian also gives advice about why certain foods are bad for health and can cause serious diseases. Despite the huge dietary changes in recent decades, the role of a dietitian remains an important one in helping to improve public health.

Registered Dietitian Salary

Dietitians and nutritionists (NOC 3132) typically make between $21.63 and $47.22 per hour in Canada, according to Job Bank (2022). These people fall under the category of "registered dietitians (RD)".

Registered Dietitian Duties and Responsibilities

As a registered dietitian, your responsibilities and duties may include:

  1. Providing nutrition counselling and education. This can include helping clients manage their conditions through proper diet and exercise. You'll also provide meal plans that fit each person's needs.
  2. Developing nutrition programs for hospitals, schools, businesses, and other organizations. As a registered dietitian, you could help create menus that are both healthy and cost-effective for these institutions to use in their daily operations.
  3. Preparing food service menus. The foods served at hospitals or schools may have been developed by registered dietitians working with these institutions' staff members who specialize in cooking skills such as baking desserts or preparing meat cuts according to specifications provided by the RD.
Dietitian Duties and Responsibilities

How to Become a Registered Dietitian In Canada?

In Canada, dietitian jobs are regulated, which means dietitians not only need to complete a degree in nutrition or dietetics from an accredited university program and go through rigorous training, but they also need to write the Canadian Dietetic Registration Examination (CDRE) managed by the regulatory College in each province.

In Ontario, dietitians are regulated by The College of Dietitians of Ontario, an organization that ensures all dietitians "follow the laws and dietetic practice standards so the public can have access to safe, ethical, and quality nutrition services."

What Skills Do I Need To Get A Dietitian Job?

Apart from getting certified and licensed as a dietitian, to land a dietitian job, candidates need to develop most of these skills:

  1. Problem-solving and critical-thinking skills
  2. Communication and active listening skills
  3. Decision-making capabilities
  4. Ability to determine patient's nutritional needs and implement strategies to enhance their general health
  5. Ability to predict and prevent inadequate nutrition that could lead to health issues
  6. Disposition to analyze current scientific nutritional studies, conduct research, and more.
  7. Ability to provide patients with tips to improve the nutritional value, taste, appearance, and preparation of food.
  8. Ability to evaluate the nutritional status of individuals.

Registered Dietitian Jobs

Dietitian jobs can be very rewarding and provide a variety of job opportunities. These professionals are trained to work with patients who have both physical and mental disabilities, providing them with nutrition counseling as well as helping them develop healthy eating habits. In this article, we’ve covered what it takes to become a registered dietitian and provided information on how much they make each year.

Consistency is the key to success when applying for registered dietitian jobs. The more information you have available, the easier it will be to complete the application process to be considered for a dietitian job. It is also in your best interest to learn your target company’s hiring process before applying. Whether you are applying online or in person, there are specific steps that must be followed each time to be considered.

Caring Support is here to help you in the job search process. Make sure to check out our other job-hunting resources on our blog and podcast, and be sure to create your free Caring Support account. Good luck!

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