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Virtual Recruitment for Healthcare: Tips and Strategies

February 17, 2024

It's not uncommon for healthcare employees to feel overworked and overwhelmed with the influx of patients and tasks, as healthcare facilities suffer from being understaffed sometimes. This proves to be a big challenge for hiring managers and recruiters who are more used to traditional hiring but are currently transitioning to embrace a more remote hiring process.

Nowadays, job seekers, especially healthcare professionals, are being given virtual IQ and personality tests, recorded videos, and online resume, portfolio, and cover letter submission portals instead of in-person recruiting.

In this article, we will explore most aspects of remote hiring, including how online recruitment events work, the recruitment process, the kind of healthcare professionals viable or not viable for remote work, and the tweaks in the recruiting process brought about by major world events and technological advancements, as well as provide some insight into how can healthcare organizations improve their remote hiring process, and where to find job openings in the healthcare industry, especially in the digital space.

What is Remote Hiring?

For those who aren't acquainted with the term, remote hiring is the process of selecting, interviewing, and even onboarding candidates for a job posting without meeting face to face. Healthcare recruiters often use email, phone calls, and video calls, as well as other channels, to contact workers and have them submit any verification documents necessary.

This process applies both to jobs that will be performed remotely as well as in-person jobs. After the hiring process concludes, some employers may even use the same channels to have new employees sign employment contracts, receive training, and meet their new team, even if they are expected to report to work in person sometime down the line.

Recently, trailblazing platforms like Caring Support have been paving the way to connect healthcare employers and workers seamlessly in the digital space, with more and more users using the platform by the day.

Find your next hire seamlessly through the help of Caring Support.

What Companies Are Hiring Remote Healthcare Workers?

In some cases, remote hiring processes are applied to hire remote healthcare workers. Due to the nature of the sector, where in-person services are essential, this is not often the case. However, remote healthcare jobs have become more and more popular due to convenience and the ever-changing global landscape of healthcare.

Some of the companies that hire remote healthcare workers include mental health facilities, wellness centres, long-term care facilities, and community centres. These workplaces often hire therapists, social workers, care coordinators, and other specialists who work remotely.

What Healthcare Jobs Can Be Done Remotely?

There are more remote healthcare jobs out there than people might think, as healthcare has taken a shift towards telehealth, and some clerical healthcare jobs can be performed remotely just like other jobs of the same category. Below are some of the most common remote healthcare jobs available in Canada:

Health Information Technicians

These workers manage medical records containing sensitive information such as patient diagnoses, treatments, insurance, and more. They also analyze patient data to come up with new care strategies and reductions in treatment costs.

Nurse Managers

They manage medical staff and patient cases and can also do some nursing budgeting, recruitment, training, and record-keeping in order to ensure the effective functioning of their department. They also collaborate with other healthcare professionals to develop and implement policies, protocols, and procedures that comply with regulatory standards and promote safe practices.


They treat patients who suffer from trauma, personality disorders, and conditions such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Therapists employ a variety of evidence-based techniques such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), psychodynamic therapy, or mindfulness-based interventions to address specific issues and help clients build resilience and coping strategies. Therapists are trained to assess mental health disorders or conditions using diagnostic tools if necessary and develop tailored treatment plans accordingly.

Speech Pathologists

These specialists treat people who have speech, language, voice, and cognitive communication impairments. To accomplish this, they conduct comprehensive evaluations using various standardized assessments and develop personalized treatment plans tailored to each person with a speech impediment needs.

Medical Assistants

They support hospital staff by performing clinical and administrative tasks, including filing medical records, handling insurance claims, scheduling appointments, and the like. They also assist with various diagnostic procedures, including taking X-rays or drawing blood samples. Medical assistants must be knowledgeable of medical terminology and procedures, proficient in ensuring accurate documentation, and skilled at maintaining a compassionate bedside manner when interacting with patients.



Top Recommendations to Improve the Remote Hiring Process

At Caring Support, we are committed to contributing to the healthcare sector, not only with our job-matching services but also with relevant and valuable information. Having said this, these are our recommendations for healthcare organizations to improve their remote hiring process:

Share relevant information about your organization

When working from home, there are important details about your organization you should consider adding when writing job descriptions to appeal to the right candidates. For instance, mention your efforts to maintain a safe environment and any flexible work-from-home options you may have available. You can also mention some of the perks and benefits you offer, including vacation time, sick days, and the like.

Talk about your organizational values

Healthcare organizations should consider that a remote hiring process is performed completely online, so candidates won’t have the opportunity to visit your facilities and have a glimpse of your organizational culture. Therefore, it is up to you to show them what your organization does, its purpose, values, and more.

To achieve this, provide links to informational videos, share your social media accounts and even help them connect with current employees from the same department they are applying for. All these resources will provide candidates with the information they need upfront, even though you know they will conduct their own research.

Encourage video resumes

Video resumes are a great tool to get to know candidates beyond the paper, as they show their personality and originality and give you an idea of their caregiving skills. To get the most out of video resumes, add some guidelines in the job description, like asking them to focus on their most relevant experience and qualifications or to talk about themselves in general.

Video resumes are one of the tools included in all caregiver profiles at our Caring Support platform, so you can browse candidates and match them with the ones that better fit what you are looking for.

Prepare for video interviews

To make the most of video interviews, prepare a comprehensive list of questions that will make for an efficient and productive conversation. Another alternative, if you have many positions to fill and little time, is to opt for one-way interviews. With this format, you provide candidates with a list of questions, and they have to record video responses for each, allowing you to quickly evaluate, select and move on to the next stages of the hiring process.

A list summarizing the top recommendations to improve the remote hiring process in healthcare organizations.

Consider personality and aptitude

Since you will not be sitting in a room with your candidates during an interview, there are many aspects of their personalities that will be very difficult for you to appraise through a screen. To get around this limitation, include assessments in your hiring process. In addition to personality, these tools will let you evaluate a candidate’s job knowledge, cognitive ability, technical ability, work ethic, and any other aspect that is relevant to your organization and the position.

Don’t forget to request criminal record checks

Criminal record checks are more important than ever before, and they can be conducted easily through one of the many platforms that offer this service. At Caring Support, we have partnered with a hiring screening organization to include this feature in our candidate's profiles for a very competitive fee. This means when you browse through candidates, you will be able to access their criminal background checks along with the rest of their information at once, saving time and simplifying your hiring process.

Keep the communication flowing

Make sure you have open communication channels with your top candidates throughout the hiring process to answer their questions and concerns and request any additional information you may need. You can do this by email, like usual, but you can also do it through your job-matching platform.

At Caring Support, for instance, we offer a built-in messaging tool that will help you communicate more efficiently with your candidates by keeping you from losing emails, amongst other messages in your inbox.

Involve other members of the team in the hiring process

Collaborating with other members of the team during a remote hiring process is a great strategy to make sure the selected candidate possesses the right skills and experience and will be a good fit for the role and the organization. It is a good idea to involve people who will be working directly with the new hire, as they will be able to determine who will work best within their team and who won't.

An employer reviewing an applicant's video resume.

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Caring Support utilizes cutting-edge technology to streamline the application process, minimizing time-consuming paperwork and increasing efficiency for both candidates and employers. We also provide comprehensive resources such as interview tips and resume guidance to enhance our users' chances of success. Trust us with your next career move in the healthcare industry – we are dedicated to helping you succeed.

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