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Where to Find the Highest-Paying Nursing Jobs in Canada

November 2, 2023

Providing patients with main and supplemental care is an in-demand job in healthcare. Most people might be curious about the highest paying cities for nursing in order to help them determine if it's the best career choice for them and which city to apply to for nursing jobs.

Canadians need nurses, as these workers are the backbone of the healthcare sector and every day they save lives. After all, nursing is the second most prevalent job for women in Canada, according to the 2016 census. And while our desire to work in that sector unites the entire country, each province operates a bit differently when it comes to salary.

In this article, we will talk about the highest-paying nursing jobs in Canada, including the highest-paying cities and the highest-paying nursing specialties.

The Nursing Profession in Canada

Generally speaking, nursing is a well-valued profession that offers fair pay and a wide range of interesting employment prospects. Working with people who are sick and dealing with injuries or diseases may be a difficult job, with long hours spent at work and emotional challenges.

Meanwhile, these statistical data from the Canadian Nurses Association for 2021 reveal the following details about nursing in Canada:

Highest Paid Nurses in Canada

The average nurse's salary varies significantly from city to city. Considering the cost of living between cities means that the same dollar you earn in one area may not go as far as in another. But what are the best cities to work in as a nurse in Canada? In summary, some of the highest starting hourly rates are in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Ontario, and Prince Edward Island. Meanwhile, Nova Scotia and Quebec have the lowest starting hourly rates, followed by Vancouver and Alberta.

Vancouver, BC

One of the best hourly pay for nurses in Vancouver ranges from $27.20 at the low end to $53.14 at the top. This compensation ranges from about $56,000 to $110,000 each year.

Edmonton, Alberta

Nurses in Calgary make between $27.68 and $55.93 per hour, which is around the same as those in Vancouver. Annually, this range amounts to $57,574.40 up to $116,334.40.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

In Saskatoon, nurses can make between $64,625.00 and $121,451.00 per year. The hourly rate on average would be around $31.07 to $58.69.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Most nurses in Winnipeg, Manitoba are paid a bit higher than those in places like Quebec, Nova Scotia, Vancouver, and Alberta making between $63,606 and $139,630 per year. This range would be the equivalent of around $30.58 to $67.13 per hour.

Toronto, Ontario

Nurses in Toronto make between $66,996 and $95,908 per year or $32.21 to $46.11 per hour. This is around the same starting pay per hour as nurses in Prince Edward Island.

Montreal, Quebec

One of the lowest paying hourly rates, Montreal generally pays their nurses around $20.73 to $53.49 per hour or a range of $43,118 to $111,259 per year.

Moncton, New Brunswick

Nurses in Moncton, New Brunswick, can make between $31.32 to $52.21 per hour. In total, this ranges from $67,204 to $108,596 annually.

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Almost tying with Quebec with the lowest starting hourly pay rate, nurses in Halifax make between $20.15 to $55.47 per hour or a total range of $41,912 to $115,377 annually.

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

With the highest paying starting hourly rate, nurses in Charlottetown make between $32.48 to $56.38 per hour or around $67,558 to $117,270 annually.

St. John's, Newfoundland

Also higher than most starting rates, nurses in St. John's make between $31.82 to $56.50 per hour, or $66,185 to $117,520 per year.

Summary of the highest paying cities for registered nurses in Canada

Summary of the Highest Paying Cities for Registered Nurses in Canada

According to salary reports, below is a list of the highest-paying cities for Nurses in Canada.

The most lucrative cities in Canada are located in the provinces of Ontario and Alberta, with Edmonton, Alberta, having the highest average hourly wage. This demonstrates how your pay might vary greatly depending on your employment location.

Considering Becoming a Nurse?

Despite the fact that Canada has about 500,000 nurses, there is currently a nursing shortage. There is a scarcity of nurses due to exhaustion from the 2020 pandemic, as well as the retirement and aging out of the profession of nursing. With so many career prospects, becoming a nurse in Canada is a fantastic chance.

There are various categories of nurses, and each has a unique set of duties.

Find Your Next Healthcare Career

Which Nurses Make the Most Money?

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists earn the highest salary, not just in Canada, but all over the world with an average salary of about $202,000/year or about $97/hour. The reason for this is not far-fetched as they are highly skilled and work closely with medical staff, including surgeons, dentists, and anesthesiologists during medical procedures that require anesthesia. Another prominent reason is the fact that due to the complexities of this type of clinical care, anesthetists, are more prone to lawsuits.

To become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, you will need to obtain a master’s degree from an accredited nurse anesthesia educational program and pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX).

Summary of the highest paying nursing specialties in Canada

6 Highest Paying Nursing Specialties in Canada

1) Enterostomal Therapy Nurse (ET)

Also known as an ET nurse, Enterostomal Therapy Nurses treat stomas and help patients recover from them. Sometimes, stomas do not heal after they are meant to, leading an ET nurse to continue treatments. They offer these treatments at facilities, hospitals, or homes as needed. ET nurses also provide education and rehabilitation to help patients get back on their feet after an ostomy procedure.

An ET nurse will also offer advice about potential ostomy surgeries, because of the intensive training they undergo to treat open wounds and stomas, and their extensive knowledge on the subject. In terms of remuneration, the average enterostomal therapy nurse salary in Canada is $91,679 per year or $47.02 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $74,797 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $94,200 per year.

2) Cardiovascular Nurse

A cardiovascular nurse assists in the caring of adult patients with heart conditions. Some of these patients sometimes have acute or chronic heart conditions. Cardiovascular Nurses also sometimes assist cardiac surgeons during heart surgery procedures.

Most often, a cardiovascular nurse works in treatment and rehabilitation after an episode such as a heart attack. They might also perform resuscitations via defibrillators if a patient goes into cardiac arrest. The average cardiovascular nurse's salary in Canada is $81,715 per year or $41.91 per hour.

3) Community Health Nurse

Unlike many nurses who work based out of hospitals, community health nurses connect with the community more directly. Along with providing treatment, they can create health plans such as nutritional diets for their patients. While they try to counteract obesity, substance abuse, or sexually transmitted diseases, they also teach patients about the prevention of diseases and conditions.

Community Health Nurses earn a salary on average, of $80,633 per year or $41.35 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $71,848 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $92,229 per year.

A nurse offers comfort to their patient.

4) Critical Care Paediatric Nurse

Critical Care Paediatric nurses look after children in need of critical care. Any child between ages 0-17 in serious condition needing intensive care will receive treatment by the critical care pediatric nurse. These nurses can care for children with serious illnesses or those recovering from an accident or surgery. These nurses also provide long or short-term care depending on the condition of the child.

These nurses also act as the liaison between a surgeon and the family in the event of an upcoming surgery. The nurse will explain the procedure to both the patient and their family and ensure both have a good understanding of the situation. After the surgery is complete, these nurses might also discuss with the patient and family what took place and whether it was successful. On average, critical care pediatric nurses earn $80,350 per year or $41.21 per hour.

5) Critical Care Nurse

Critical Care Nurses treat anyone ages 18 and older with a serious condition. Similar to critical care pediatric nurses, critical care nurses provide either long or short-term care depending on the patient’s need. They will also act as the go-between for the patient and their family, and a doctor or surgeon. They are usually stationed in the Intensive Care Unit or the Trauma Unit to look after patients who come from the emergency or operating room.

The critical care nurse salary in Canada on average is $80,369 per year or $41.22 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $78,546 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $94,322 per year.

6) Emergency Nurse

Emergency nurses work in high-stress situations like emergency rooms and departments. They also provide treatment for patients in ambulatory care centres and military settings, including war zones. Equipped with training to deal with any emergency, emergency nurses are capable of assessment, diagnosis, stabilization, or even resuscitation.

They are also trained to provide medical help for trauma and life-threatening injuries or conditions. Because of this need, these nurses learn to take charge of a situation and make quick decisions. In terms of remuneration, on average, Emergency Nurses in Canada earn $80,369 per year or $41.22 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $72,980 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $93,698 per year.

Can a Nurse Earn $100K or More?

There are a number of ways or things to do for a nurse to earn up to $100k or more per annum in Canada, and they include the following:

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