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Benefits of Fostering Leadership in Students in Healthcare

December 1, 2023

Fostering leadership among healthcare students paves the way for the future of healthcare delivery. The initiatives for nurturing leadership skills among healthcare students definitely make them better equipped to navigate the complex and rapidly changing landscape of the said field. Students in healthcare have to be leaders as they are the prospective pillars of hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare institutions - the trajectory of how public health will be is in their hands.

In this article, we will break down the ways in which students in healthcare can benefit from their leadership training and seminars. We will discuss concrete ways in which healthcare students can help the industry, the people around them, the people that they work with, and the shaping of healthcare, especially in the foreseeable future.

What are the Benefits of Fostering Leadership in Healthcare Students?

Some of the benefits that come with fostering leadership among healthcare students include empowerment, the promotion of civic responsibility or personal advocacies, systemic efficiency in healthcare, and more innovations in the field. These advantages will be expounded on more below:


Student leadership is one of the best ways to empower healthcare students to have more control regarding decision-making, especially when it comes to their careers and knowing their rights as students so as to understand how things and systems work in the field of healthcare.

This gives any healthcare student a great opportunity to become an effective leader, especially in their niche or area of specialization, and even more with empathy and understanding in order to use their own empowerment to empower others, too, like the people from their age or field cohorts.

Civic Responsibility or Personal Advocacies

Effective leadership means recognizing that there is a civic responsibility that they must put into practice, which is underpinned by their personal advocacies. For instance, student leaders who have causes like mental health, autism awareness, or inclusivity for PWDs must see to it spearheading initiatives like medical missions, fora and symposia, seminars and trainings, and public events to push the needle forward and advance their personal goals along with likeminded people who would love to work for and with them for an overall positive impact not only on the field of healthcare but on the entirety of society as well.

Systemic Efficiency

When leadership is fostered among healthcare students, improved coordination and productivity within healthcare teams are achieved. A comprehensive understanding of complex operations enables leaders in healthcare to make informed decisions that optimize resources and streamline processes both for their patients and their teams. They can also help identify potential bottlenecks or inefficiencies within their systems and proactively address them.

This systemic efficiency ultimately leads to reduced waiting times for patients and better overall patient care. Additionally, strong leaders also encourage open dialogue and mutual respect among their peers, which creates a positive work environment that boosts employee morale and satisfaction.


Staying abreast of emerging research and best practices in the healthcare field is a mark of an industry leader. One cannot just follow or critique trends in the field of medicine or medical technology - one must have the initiative to come up with their own creations.

Strong leadership skills translate into the utilization of the real-world skills of the leader's team, and this lets them thrive in an increasingly challenging environment. Student leaders become adept at collaborating with interdisciplinary teams, which ultimately fosters a culture of innovation and excellence, especially when it comes to patient outcomes.

A summary of the benefits of fostering leadership in healthcare students.

Examples of Leadership in the Field of Healthcare

To be considered a leader in healthcare, you must possess exceptional knowledge, skills, and experience in the field. Healthcare leaders not only shape policies and strategies to ensure efficient delivery of quality care but also promote innovation and technology integration, as mentioned in the benefits of fostering student leadership above.

Leaders in healthcare are known to be adept at interpreting complex healthcare regulations and guidelines, as well as keeping themselves up-to-date regarding the latest advancements in medical research. Below are some of the most well-known leaders and organizations in the industry, especially those involving Canadian professionals:

Physician Empowerment: Promoting Financial Education, Wellness, Leadership, and Practice Management

Physician Empowerment is an organization that aims to transform the lives of Canadian physicians, especially in the aspects of wellness, leadership, financial literacy, and management of their own clinical practices. They offer masterclasses on maximizing the financial resources of Canadian physicians, podcasts for physician empowerment featuring guests who are also involved in the field of medicine and business, and seminars for members of the organization that can be held overseas.

The organization also offers online courses like The Fundamentals of Finance, Practice Transformation, and Leadership Development, among others. Physician Empowerment overall wants Canadian physicians to be equipped with tools and knowledge to navigate the landscape of Canadian healthcare, as ever-changing and transforming as it is.

Dr. Arash Zohoor: Mental Health Advocacy

Despite being physically healthy, people can still suffer from mental conditions like anxiety and depression. Constraints like time, money, and stigma all contribute to the decline of mental health, especially in vulnerable populations. Enter Dr. Arash Zohoor, the co-founder of Inkblot. He aims to overcome the stigma of mental health by virtually connecting clients to mental health professionals who are the perfect fit for them.

What makes his startup stand out is that the services it offers are affordable, with an emphasis on general psychological resilience, work productivity, and building and strengthening your relationship with friends and family. Showing his dedication to his personal advocacy, Dr. Zohoor’s Inkblot waived the fees for businesses that displayed support for the mental health of their employees.

Meanwhile, for the practitioners who are utilizing the company’s tools for sessions with their patients, Inkblot has also provided free group live meditation sessions for them.

Reza Eslami: Systemic Efficiency

A licensed chemical engineer, Reza Eslami, started electrochemical research to help senior citizens struggling with their finger-prick diabetes tests. Seven years after his research, Eslami's startup, Sensofine, aims to change how blood-glucose monitoring is done. This has earned Eslami the Mitacs Award for Outstanding Innovation, which was presented at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa last November 22. For those who aren't familiar, Mitacs is a national innovation organization that connects industry to the top talent they need to achieve their business goals and drive economic success. Delivery of Mitacs programs and partnerships is supported by the government of Ontario.

Eslami began his company while still a PhD student at Toronto Metropolitan University with the guidance of chemical engineering professors Dr. Hadis Zarrin and Dr. Mehrab Mehrvar. Eslami invented a smart garment that continuously measures blood sugar levels by using the person's sweat through sensors and a body-adapted self-powered system - this means that its electric charge comes from everyday movements like doing tasks or running.

This innovative smart garment claims to accurately measure blood glucose levels from just one-millionth of a litre of sweat). However, if the device requires more sweat, it will stimulate the skin to produce it. Meanwhile, the readings of the smart garment are sent to pairing-ready devices like smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches.

Naheed Kurji: Innovation in Drug Discovery

Being the co-founder and CEO of Cyclica, Naheed Kurji utilized machine learning and computational biophysics in order to break down the myriad reservoirs of data, especially those that relate to healthcare and medicine. Naheed Kurji aims to minimize error and find the right types of medicine that can unlock and lock the needed proteins in the management or treatment of a particular disease.

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kurji also launched the Cyclica Stimulus Package, which gives you access to their AI platform for any medical researcher or biotech company who's (a) actively fighting coronavirus or (b) lost their livelihood due to the virus.

Naheed Kurji claims that the tech community has a "duty to self-isolate, but to also stimulate science,” going on to fulfill his vision by teaming up with Beijing's Materia Medica in the hopes of finding existing FDA-approved drugs that are feasible to be repurposed as treatments for COVID-19.

Healthcare professionals during a gathering.

Healthcare Leaders: Why Should You Be One?

Myriad compelling reasons can be come up with when we're talking about healthcare leadership. First and foremost, healthcare has always been known to be a critical field that has a direct impact on the well-being and quality of life of not only patients but the bigger community.

When healthcare students or professionals step into a leadership role, they are given the opportunity to make significant contributions to the advancement of healthcare delivery, patient care, and organizational outcomes, among others. Healthcare leaders can shape policies, drive innovation, foster collaboration, especially within interdisciplinary teams in the hospital, and ensure that the best practices are implemented throughout the healthcare organization that leaders are part of.

Being a healthcare leader means taking on the responsibility and privilege to mentor and develop others in their careers. True leaders foster a culture of excellence and continuous learning, especially in the field of healthcare. Moreover, as the industry undergoes rapid change consistently because of technological advancements and shifting demographics, there's an urgent need for compassionate and visionary healthcare leaders who are able to navigate complex challenges while maintaining a patient-centric focus.

Overall, healthcare leadership offers not only personal growth but also the chance to positively impact countless lives through transformative leadership.

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