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Make sure to read our quick tips below to help with your listing creation!

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Just signed up to advertise on the Caring Support Marketplace? You will need to fill out this form in order to get your listing live!

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Helpful Tips:

Title Tips

Want your listing to stand out? Make your title catchy!

Include what the product or service is and maybe what the discount is.

Example: 20% Off All Meal Kits

Description Tips

Keep your description short and to the point. If your description is too long, you will lose the reader's attention.

Feel free to include a discount code that can be copied and pasted at checkout, or even better, use one that is easy to remember!

Image Tips

Your image should be an aspect ration of 2:1 (ex. 1000px wide by 500px tall).

Don't have an image that fits those exact dimensions but have one that is close? We can add a solid coloured background that matches the image OR you can take use of our design service in order to create a brand new image (using your assets) that you can use in the future as well!

One last tip, add your logo to your image for better brand recognition!

Link + Tracking Tips

We recommend putting a trackable link so if you have Google Analytics setup, you can see how many user have visited your page from our Marketplace.

You can use a tool such as Campaign URL Builder to create a unique URL.

And finally, the best way to track sales is to provide us a discount code in the description that users can use at checkout!

Additional Services:

Image Creation - $149 Flat Fee

Looking to get an image created for your Marketplace listing? We can help!

We charge a flat fee of $149 CAD for image creation, including approval process. What you will get:

  • One high quality image created by our professional graphic designer that you get to keep for future use.

  • After the image is created, you will receive it for approval. Fee includes any edits needed.

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