Why Choose Caring Support for Your Healthcare Recruiting?

Discover our platform's special features to help you find perfect candidates quicker and easier than ever!

At Caring Support we work hard to contribute to solving the healthcare staffing crisis that affects organizations across the country. Our innovative approach led us to create this online and healthcare-focused community that allows you to accelerate your recruitment process like never before.

We Add


These are some of the benefits that make up our value proposition.

  • Healthcare Specific Platform

  • Cost-Effective Recruitment Solutions

  • Reduced Hiring Time

  • Easy Access to Qualified Candidates

  • In-Depth Candidate Profiles

  • Reduced Administrative Hurdles

We Are


We are much more than a typical job board. Our team takes a highly attentive approach to serving our clients, offering numerous benefits and features designed to remove many of the lengthy HR tasks that recruiters often have to endure. The result is a major difference in your organization's recruitment time and speed.

Unique Features:

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Advanced Filtering

Use our precise filters to narrow your search and find candidates that have the exact qualifications you are looking for.

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Instant Messaging

Contact candidates easily and conveniently right from the platform and without intermediaries.

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Academia Channel

Connect with students and alumni from top post-secondary institutes across the country ready to enter the workforce.



We make efforts to bring you the most skilled and experienced candidates in the field because we believe in quality of care. Our goal is to help you find top candidates in your area, which we achieve by making use of a variety of marketing resources, including:

  • Trade shows, job fairs, and conferences

  • Post-secondary school relationships and speaking engagements

  • Associations and memberships


  • Webinars and podcasts

  • Paid and organic social media

  • Content development

  • Influencers

  • Interviews

  • Articles in leading industry publications

We also have available certain options for you to promote your organization through our social channels including employer spotlights, podcast interviews, and more. This will increase candidates' interest in applying to your job postings and working with you.

We Look


At Caring Support we're always planning our next step. These are some of the features on the horizon!

Healthcare Worker Resume Builder

A brand new feature that allows candidates to create fully customizable resumes for free.

Marketplace + Resource Library

An online marketplace where courses, products, and services will be available.

Willing-To-Relocate Candidate Database

A new search filter that will let you see candidates across the country who are open to relocation.

Connecting, streamlining, caring.

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