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March 5, 2021

Caring Support’s newest updates are officially live as the platform prepares to launch its phase 1

LONDON, ONTARIO – On March 5th, 2021 Caring Support launches phase 1 of its platform that initially came to life at the end of last year. The platform serves to support the healthcare sector in new and innovative ways. There's no longer a need to spend hours writing cover letters and applying to different job boards when caregivers can now spend less than 20 minutes building their detailed profile, to allow employers to find them on a platform that is truly dedicated to the healthcare industry.

Caring Support is an all-in-one platform dedicated to the healthcare industry to help healthcare workers, including RN’s, RPN’s, PSW’s and Volunteers find the perfect job match with a healthcare organization.

The new features that are launching include an all-new dashboard for both caregivers and healthcare organizations. This will allow users to view useful statistics, store favourites, and gain quick access to important parts of the platform.

Along with the ability to perform detailed candidate searches, healthcare organizations will be able to easily create job postings that will be viewed by all those interested, and the organization will be given recommended candidates whom may be a good fit for the position. 

With that in mind, caregivers will now have the ability to participate in a detailed job search and apply with a simple click of a button. They will also be provided with automatically generated job recommendations that will also be tailored to their skills, education level and certifications, based on their profile.

One of the most creative ideas Caring Support has provided is the option for a video resume. Video resumes allow employers to see a candidate's personality without even contacting or having an interview with them, which helps with speeding up the hiring process. Plus, built-in messaging provides streamlined communications, ensuring no messages are lost to the email inbox or junk mail.

Last but certainly not least, Caring Support will be updating its look in order to provide an easy experience and ensuring user satisfaction.

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Paul Yuhasz

VP Marketing, Caring Support 

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