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June 17, 2022

Caring Support Announces Partnership with NACC to Facilitate Employment for College Students

The employment platform and the National Association of Career Colleges plan to work together to promote first job placements and professional advancement opportunities for students in healthcare careers across Ontario.

LONDON, ONTARIO – Caring Support announced a partnership with the National Association of Career Colleges (NACC) to facilitate employment for students currently enrolled in healthcare programs or micro-credentials in any of the hundreds of career colleges in Ontario that are members of the association. 

The employment platform based in London, Ontario, had been building a relationship with NACC since the launch of its Post-Secondary Institute Channel, last year. The channel was designed specifically for colleges and universities to help their students land jobs, internships, and practicums through the platform. Moreover, it works as a hub, keeping academic institutions in contact with alumni and up to date with their professional successes.

Caring Support now enters a new stage in its relationship with NACC by formalizing the partnership, which is bound to generate a positive impact on thousands of students looking to connect with employers for a chance to gain practical experience and start developing their careers in the healthcare industry. 

"We're really excited to be working with NACC and collaborating with schools. We're also looking forward to expanding our partnership to other provinces like Alberta and BC, to continue building these relationships with career colleges, allowing them to better serve their students through our platform and the features we offer", said Joseph Jongsma, founder and CEO of Caring Support.

Michael Sangster, CEO of NACC, said "we are always looking to create and expand value for our members by partnering with institutions that provide significant support to the regulated career sector, which is why we are pleased to welcome our new partnership with Caring Support."

Caring Support will continue developing features to support healthcare workers and students enrolled in healthcare careers in their search for employment that matches their goals, whether that is a first job after college, a part-time job to gain experience, a casual job for the weekends, or a change of career. The platform also wants to continue working closely with employers and schools to create new connections in the healthcare community while transforming and accelerating the employment process.

About Caring Support:

Caring Support is an easy-to-use, responsive, and mobile-friendly job matching platform designed for the healthcare sector by Canadian businessman Joseph Jongsma alongside a talented crew.  Its focus is to streamline the hiring process for healthcare employers while helping skillful healthcare professionals in North America find their dream jobs. The company also aims to become an open hub that provides both employers and workers with resources to better their organizations and further develop their careers, ultimately revolutionizing the healthcare industry.

About NACC

NACC is a national association representing 500 regulated career colleges from across the country. The organization has an elected Board of Directors from across Canada that oversees its operations and is responsible to its members. The NACC staff administers the day-to-day business and reports to the Board of Directors and the members. The association was established in 1896 with the purpose of being the voice and enabler of opportunities for its members and benefits for their students.

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