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November 1, 2021

London's Caring Support Platform Introduces Advisory Board

The job-matching platform announced the designation of its Advisory Board's first four members as part of its strategy for growth and expansion within the healthcare industry.

LONDON, ONTARIO – Caring Support has formally presented its Advisory Board to the public this week, integrated by Dr. Paul Woods, medical doctor and healthcare systems expert; Don Thibert, a prominent figure in the private college education field in Ontario; Hilary Anderson, a senior executive in Corporate Services and Human Resources applied to healthcare; and Byron Ells, senior marketing executive and well-known leadership advisor to startups.

With the introduction of the Advisory Board, which brings a diverse set of skills and expertise to the platform, Caring Support is giving the first steps of its strategic plan to continue growing as a company and expanding the reach of its operations in the healthcare industry across North America.

The healthcare-focused job matching platform founded by businessman Joseph Jongsma, who also acts as CEO; is quickly consolidating its presence in the market and is currently evaluating potential investors in hopes of creating powerful alliances with organizations and corporations who share its vision of what healthcare recruitment should be.

“Since day one, we have been working to revolutionize the healthcare industry in North America by bringing healthcare employers together with healthcare workers and creating productive connections. That was our vision when we first designed our job matching platform, and it is what keeps us focused on serving as a central resource for workers and organizations to accelerate and simplify the hiring process while saving both time and money,” says Jongsma, along with COO Robert Lake, and CFO Larry Chevalier.

New Business Division Launched Recently

A few weeks back, Caring Support launched its Post-Secondary Institute Channel, a division of the business designed to bring new skilled talent to the healthcare field, in times when healthcare organizations need more workers than ever before to continue the fight against COVID-19. 

The channel works by enabling colleges and universities to help their students and alumni get internships, practicums, and even permanent job placements with top healthcare employers. In addition, the service gives post-secondary institutes the opportunity to collaborate with employers to create new internship and "First Job" programs and to improve existing ones with their academic input.

Caring Support continues working on new services, features, and perks for a growing number of members, while priding itself for integrating and connecting all six pillars of the healthcare HR industry: job boards, employment agencies, post-secondary institutes, healthcare employers, shift fill platforms, and job aggregators.

About Caring Support:

Caring Support is an easy-to-use, responsive, and mobile-friendly job matching platform designed for the healthcare sector by Canadian businessman Joseph Jongsma alongside a talented crew.  Its main focus is streamlining the hiring process for healthcare employers while helping the most skillful healthcare professionals in North America find their dream jobs. Caring Support is a platform like no other, featuring perks like video resumes, in-app instant messaging, in-depth searching and filtering, and other capabilities that guarantee an efficient and productive user experience. Overall, it's a revolutionary tool truly dedicated to the healthcare sector.

Media Contact:

Paul Yuhasz, VP Marketing

Caring Support

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