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We know how important PPE is for healthcare workers and that's why we've dedicated a section to it!

Sands Canada
Sands Canada

Medical Supplies, Bags and Uniforms

For over 30 years, Sands Canada has been offering a variety of products, including pre-hospital medical supplies, first aid kits, OTC medications, our Angus Bags line of trauma, and field bags for First Responders.  We also offer uniform pieces like epaulettes, tactical and military belts, Goldstar shirts, Opus jackets, and First Tactical V2 tactical pants.

SaniGO Sanitizer Band
Disinfect & Fog

SaniGO Sanitizer Band 10 Pack

No more forgetting your little bottle of hand sanitizer, with the SaniGO Sanitizer Band, you can always ensure that you're ready to take on the world, wherever it takes you. Flexible, durable, waterproof, and easy to clean, the SaniGO Sanitizer Band fits just like a watch around your wrist and holds up to 15 mL of liquid. Get a pack of 10 for only $49.95!

Use code CS10 for an extra 10% off at checkout.

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