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Head to Heart Emotional Intelligence
Head to Heart

Emotional Intelligence Online Course for Healthcare Professionals

You see so much and feel so deeply. The weight of these emotions is too much.  Being detached from your work and emotions isn't the answer. But what is?  Emotional Intelligence is the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions. EI is about being able to understand and control your own emotions in positive ways. This allows you relieve stress, communicate, empathize, overcome challenges, and reduce conflict.

Emotional Fitness Coaching
5th Place Consciousness

Emotional Fitness Coaching

If you need relief from stress, anxiety, burnout & other mental health challenges arising from living & working in today's world, try Emotional Fitness Coaching. The approach works directly with the emotional distress, clearing and releasing it for immediate relief. There is less talking and little analysis, instead a focus on regulating the emotion using a somatic process that combines breath work, touch points & mindfulness.

Nicole Dauz Book
Nicole Dauz: Self-Care Coaching

Self-Care: From the Trenches...with Love, Humour & a Kick in the Pants

Are you a caregiver? Do you feel tired, stressed and at the end of your rope? Caregiving is hard. The good news is that each of us is allowed to live a meaningful life and be happy despite our circumstances. Self-care is accessible to all - even caregivers. This book is a Roadmap to Self-care and is filled with humour, stories and actions as a way to remove the barriers and excuses that keep so many people from taking time for themselves.