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Food + Meal Kits

Working in healthcare can mean not a lot of time for meal prep. Check out these options to save you some time.

Meal Kit
MealFix Canada

Use the code CARINGSUPPORT10 for 10% off healthy prepared meals for the week!

Get 25% off and free delivery on your first order of gourmet, chef prepared meals, and an exclusive 10% discount on all orders.

Macro Foods Inc.

Freshly Prepared Chef-Curated Meals to Go!

Whether your goals are to slim down, bulk up, or just maintain, our meals are packed with all the necessary macros and micro nutrients to help you out. What you see is what you get and taste. With new combinations and flavours including weekly feature dishes, our fresh menu keeps your taste buds happy. Simply order your meals online, then wait as we deliver your freshly made meals right to your doorstep.

Food + Meal Kits
Fit Kitchen

Fit Kitchen

Fit Kitchen is your meal prep partner!  We deliver healthy, delicious nutritionally balanced meals, and meal plans to the greater Calgary and Edmonton areas.

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