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Caring Support Working with Post-Secondary Institution; Visit to Westervelt College 

April 26, 2021

The Caring Support platform came to life because the traditional way of learning about new and existing job openings and positions has become an extensive process, especially on caregivers during these unprecedented times of COVID-19 pandemic. 

Our goal at Caring Support is to make the process of finding employment after graduating as a caregiver of any path, easier, quicker, and much more comprehensive than the traditional way. The Caring Support team has put in countless long hours to building this platform to be much bigger than a healthcare employment matching site. That is why on Caring Support’s website, you will find access to social media groups where current and future caregivers can ask questions and discuss important topics, and blog posts, where we share vital information on coping with mental health or staying healthy during this pandemic. 

However, that’s not all. Our team works tirelessly every day to ensuring that this platform reaches the right people, at the right time, to help them make the right decision. With that being said, an important aspect that our team wants to ensure is that the burden of searching for a new job is not placed on healthcare workers, but instead by allowing them the opportunity to let their Caring Support profiles do all the heavy lifting. For that reason, we have spent time working with post-secondary institutions in order to begin this new generation of caregivers out on the right foot into the real world.

Benefits of Post-Secondary Institutions working with Caring Support

As mentioned previously, part of our initiative at Caring Support is to start graduating students on the right path to success. The reason behind this is that most caregivers within our hospitals, long-term care homes, and all other healthcare facilities are slowly, if not already, becoming burned-out. The process of transferring from one position to another should not be another heavy burden added onto their already hefty schedules. 

The benefits that post-secondary institutions reap is providing their already stressed students with the right answers following their graduation, creating a long lasting channel of communication between the graduates and the institutions. These long lasting relationships will create future partnerships, further courses, and a positive reputation within the caregivers’ circle. These are important in the long run as they create an image within the community that this institution truly cares for their students, even after graduating. 

The post-secondary benefits are as follows;

Benefits for Students on the Caring Support Platform 

The student benefits are as follows;

Westervelt College Visit

In recent efforts to begin the process of helping out Post-Secondary Institutions and allowing them to become a part of the Caring Support Platform, the Caring Support team visited and met with Westervelt College students and faculty members.  

In this visit, Caring Support partnered with Westervelt! With that being said, the Caring Support platform is now accessible to both the post-secondary institution and current and future caregiver students. During our visit, we presented the staff and students with SaniGO sanitizer wristbands that will help keep their hands germ, virus, and bacteria-free throughout their busy days. 

We are extremely grateful to be able to meet with such incredible individuals and be able to extend a helping hand. This is all thanks to Don Thibert, president, and CEO Westervelt College, who spent the time to perfectly arrange this partnership.

"I'm very encouraged to see how graduates will be able to launch their new careers in Healthcare using the Caring Support platform, considering that our mission At Westervelt College is to empower our students to achieve their career goals. I think the platform really resonates with us in terms of community involvement and innovation, so I am certain it will help them find their path in this field," said Mr. Thibert.

As president of Westervelt College, one of the oldest colleges in Canada, founded in 1885; he added that the Caring Support platform is a resourceful tool for graduates from the 11 career-focused programs they offer in the health care field since it allows them to learn more about the job market in London and Southwestern Ontario, as well as connect with their peers, and showcase their academic qualifications to potential employers.

If you have a group of healthcare workers that you would like to thank for their hard work, let us know and we are happy to arrange a day to pay them a visit and thank them personally. 

If you are a healthcare organization or post-secondary institution wanting to learn more about our platform, please visit our site or contact us. We are more than happy to assist you with the process, and answer your questions! 

If you are a caregiver looking to find employment, or just become a part of this revolutionary way of connecting with potential employers, create your FREE account today! 

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