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The Top Nursing Employers in Ottawa

April 20, 2023

Caring Support has made it simple for you by compiling a list of the best-known nursing employers in Ottawa; feel free to use this information as a resource for your next endeavours. 

The Ottawa Hospital in Ottawa, ON

The Ottawa Hospital (TOH) is recognized as one of the most important centres for medical education and medical research in all of Canada. They provide specialist medical attention to patients in the Eastern Ontario area using more than 1,100 beds and nearly 12,000 employees. The Ottawa Hospital never ceases exploring solutions to the most difficult healthcare concerns while consistently engaging with the community to support their mission for better patient care. From the compassion of their people to the relentless pursuit of new discoveries, the hospital never quits looking for ways to improve patient care.

Spark Lifecare in Ottawa, ON

A setting conducive to the discovery of hidden interests, the overcoming of enormous challenges, and the complete transformation of one's life. Spark Lifecare establishes a connection between you and their expert and enthusiastic team of hand-picked workers.

McKesson in Ottawa, ON, Canada

McKesson Corporation is a world-renowned pioneer in the fields of healthcare supply chain management solutions, retail pharmacy, healthcare technology, community oncology, and specialized care. The company presently holds the seventh position on the FORTUNE 500 list.

Extendicare in Ottawa, ON

Extendicare's qualified and experienced staff has been helping people live better for more than half a century through their dedication to providing high-quality care and services. These services include skilled nursing care, home health care, retirement living, as well as management and consulting services.

Find Your Next Healthcare Career

Bayshore HealthCare in Ottawa, ON

Bayshore offers experience managing a variety of health issues, enabling you and your loved ones to remain at home as long as possible in comfort and safety.

Canadian Blood Services in Ottawa, ON

In the capital city of Ottawa, Canadian Blood Services is the intermediary between donors and recipients, as well as between medical experts and researchers. They are in charge of maintaining a safe system of transplant and transfusion supplies on a national level that is dependable, approachable, and sustainable. They put a lot of effort into saving lives, restoring health, and gaining the public's confidence every day.

The Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre in Ottawa, ON

The Royal, which is recognized as one of the leading mental health care and academic health research centers in Canada, has a mission that is simple: to accelerate the path to recovery for as many people as possible who live with mental illness. This is at the centre of everything that they do, and it is made possible by the enthusiasm, concentration, and commitment of their staff members. Through specialized mental healthcare, advocacy, research, and education, the lives of those who are afflicted with mental illness are improved each and every day as a direct result of the work that they undertake.

Queensway Carleton Hospital in Ottawa, ON

Queensway Carleton Hospital prioritizes care that is comprehensive, of an excellent standard, and centred on the patient and their family is provided in order to meet the care needs that have been established for patients whose conditions vary in complexity, but the results are predictable and the reactions are managed.

Top Nursing Employers in Ottawa

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Top Tips to Landing a Job at Any Company

Consider the aspects of a job that are important to you.

Take some time to think about the aspects of your job that you enjoy, whether you are already employed or looking for work for the first time. This is important advice to follow regardless of your employment status. Create a list of the obligations that you take pleasure in fulfilling and want to keep performing in the future. Consider the responsibilities that would come with your desired role.

Evaluate your skills and expertise

When you have a concept of the job of your dreams, the next step is to evaluate your talents and expertise in relation to what is required for the position. Make a note of everything that needs to be improved, and devise a strategy to develop yourself so that you can be a more competitive candidate. This could include enrolling in classes either in-person or online, reading a few books, having conversations with mentors and industry professionals, or even taking exams to earn specific certifications.

Go beyond submitting online applications

After completing your application online, you should consider contacting the company to arrange a time for an interview or a meeting to discuss the position. You should take advantage of the opportunity to demonstrate your interest in the organization and ask questions about the position during a conversation that takes place before the planned interview. Making an appointment with hiring managers or calling them directly is an excellent method to introduce yourself to them.

Make a creative resume

To get your resume noticed and increase your chances of getting hired, you should tailor it specifically to the requirements specified in the job description. You should pay great attention to the job description and conduct research on the organization. In the event that you possess any specialized expertise that the organization is seeking, be sure to highlight it on your resume while also making use of vocabulary that is relevant to the business. The more tailored you are able to create your resume, the higher your chances will be of getting noticed by the recruiter.

Conduct your research for companies and available roles

Once you have a clear picture of what your dream career entails, it is time to start thinking about the ideal organizations for you to work for. After you have identified the companies, you may determine whether or not they are currently accepting applications. Checking out job search postings that are specific to the role is yet another method for locating your dream position. To keep track of the jobs that particularly stand out and to keep the search process organized, it would be a good idea to make a spreadsheet. If the website you're conducting your job search on has the ability to send you alerts whenever new postings become available that suit your criteria, sign up for the alerts and use them.

Create a concrete plan

It is essential to have a strategy if you want to be successful, and there are some things to think about that could assist you in developing your own plan. 

List all possible interview questions

Create a list of potential questions that an interviewer may ask you, then prepare responses to those questions and practice giving them. Do some research into the typical questions that are asked for the position that you are applying for. When you have a general grasp of the questions, you should then practice giving responses to them either in front of a mirror or with a buddy. Make an effort to ensure that your responses come out in the most natural way possible. The end goal is to have your comments come across as genuine in both voice and feeling. While you are offering your replies, demonstrate that you are interested by using your body language and by actively listening to what the other person has to say.

Identify referral opportunities

Referrals from current workers are the most effective technique to land a new job. Think about the ways in which you might be able to connect with the workers at a specific company. It's possible that you know someone who works for one of the companies on your ideal list. Finding that individual and getting in touch with them provides you with an advantage in connecting with the person in charge of hiring. Because a referral from an employee acts as a recommendation for you, you may be given greater consideration as a possible candidate if you receive a referral from an employee.

Create your own unique career narrative

Writing your career story may seem contradictory. You are the product in the employment market. Market yourself and hope an employer buys. Branding sells expertise and skills. Branding your career can set you apart. Personalize your resume and cover letter. If possible, describe your past achievements and their effects. Creating a personal brand in your CV and cover letter lets you demonstrate your value.

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Caring Support offers more for you to look forward to after reading about all of the nursing employers in Ottawa and these recommendations on how to find work. There are further articles that you can read and get knowledge from that are linked to registered nurses. 

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