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Interview Questions And Answers for Hospital Porter Jobs

May 29, 2023

You can have a look at some of the interview questions and responses below for a job interview as a porter job in a hospital since we made it easy for you. 

Tell me about yourself

Be positive in your response and highlight the various abilities and experiences you have that will help you succeed in the position.

Example answer:

"Thank you for inviting me to be interviewed for this hospital porter position today. I am hardworking, resilient and positive person who enjoys being active and working in an environment that's busy and challenging. Over the years, I have gained numerous life skills that I believe will help me to be a useful, competent, safe and respectful hospital porter. I am good with people and I can be relied upon to always follow rules and procedures. I am very positive and I believe my upbeat nature rubs off on work colleagues and those I am taking care of in my day-to-day work. I am good at providing a great service and the work I undertake will always be to a high standard. If you employ me as your hospital porter, I will uphold the values of this healthcare organization and I will be available to work the hours you need me to. "

Why do you want to be a hospital porter?

Make a list of the things that have drawn you to the position.

Example answer:

"I am at the stage in my life where I am seeking reliable, steady and active employment with the same employer. Being a hospital porter is attractive because, provided I do my job properly, I will always have employment and the role means I will need to maintain my physical fitness. Being active at work is very important to me. I want to be a hospital porter because no two days are the same. I will get to meet lots of people from different backgrounds, and I will get to work alongside other like-minded professionals who are working hard to make a positive difference in people's daily lives whilst providing first-class treatment and care."

Why do you want to work for this hospital?

Read the values of the hospital you are applying to be a porter with and refer to them in your answer to this common interview question.

Example answer:

"I want to work in this hospital because having carried out a bit of research I am attracted to your values and the healthcare staff I have spoken to who already work here have said positive things about the way it is run and managed. Your values focus on delivering first-class patient care, respect and dignity and continuous improvement. Throughout my working life, I have always demonstrated high standards in my work and I genuinely believe respect and dignity are vital values in any workforce. Because of these things, I feel this will be a great place to work and somewhere I can continue to grow and thrive as a person. "

What is respect and dignity and how does it apply to being a hospital porter?

Example answer:

"Respect and dignity are about valuing everyone, regardless of their background, their beliefs or their circumstances. Respect and dignity as a hospital porter are focusing on understanding people's priorities, their needs, and their limitations. Whether, it's a patient, one of their carers, or their family, you must be respectful and always afford dignity whilst carrying out your duties. You must remember that no two patients' needs are the same. Everyone is different and you must consider this when caring for them, when communicating with them and when transporting them around the hospital or medical centre."

How will you rate your communication skills as a porter? 

This question usually will help the interviewer learn more about a candidate's communication skills through this inquiry. 

You can say things like, “My supervisor asked me to keep him informed about the supply needs of the maintenance team at my previous job. I regularly prepared detailed reports. I also found creative ways of greeting guests at the entrance, which made everyone feel special. I would give myself an eight out of ten. I'm eager to put my well-developed communication skills to use here as your night porter.”

Can you give an example of a time when your attention to detail allowed you to deliver outstanding customer service?

Interviewers use this question to evaluate a candidate's comprehension of the position and attention to detail.

Example answer:

"Once, while helping a guest carry his luggage to the hospital room, I noticed he seemed uneasy and was having trouble breathing. I immediately called the medical staff, and they responded right away. Fortunately, the patient was fine."

How do you handle requests that come from multiple customers? 

Make sure to include a commitment to giving each customer the greatest experience possible, methods for handling numerous customer requests, and the capacity to multitask and prioritize activities.

Example answer:

"I make sure I act professionally when dealing with customers. Whenever I have multiple requests, I make sure I respond to the person who asked first. I also make sure I let other customers know that I'd be with them shortly. If a customer couldn't wait and another employee was available to handle their request.” 

What skills do you think are relevant for this position? 

To be a successful member of the maintenance staff in guest-service organizations, a porter needs to possess strong soft skills. You can learn more about the value a candidate might add to your organization by asking them this question.

Example answer:

“I know how to conduct simple repair and maintenance duties at a hospital, and I have the physical ability to move or lift bags which is relevant. I'm also extremely organized and good at transitioning between different tasks at work. I have outstanding customer service abilities, which help me engage with clients.”

How do you attend to customers with physical impairments? 

Make sure to provide examples in your responses that highlight their capacity to work with persons who have physical disabilities, relevant training in serving people with special needs, and a positive attitude toward helping all types of clients.

Example answer:

"I'm trained in how to assist people with physical impairments, so after helping with their luggage, I assist them by holding their hands or helping with their walking aids or wheelchairs, ensuring I take them to their destination in the facility and asking if they need any other help."

How will you handle a situation when a customer is not happy with your assistance? 

Answer the question by mentioning your ability to maintain composure, your professionalism and politeness, and your desire to give clients the greatest possible experience.

Example answer:

"I always try to provide the best customer service to guests. I would reach out to the guest and try to understand why they weren't happy with the service they received, then I'd use their response to improve my services and I'd also find ways to correct the situation if the guest was still in the facility."

How will you handle a situation when your supervisor or manager wasn't around, and a visitor needed information you didn't know?

Respond with the ability to think critically, solve problems, and comprehend how to react under trying circumstances.

Example answer:

"If a visitor had a question that only my supervisor or manager could respond to, I would first ask if a colleague knew the correct response, then I would call my supervisor or manager. If they weren't available to take my call, I would advise the customer to wait for them to arrive. Alternatively, I would ask for their contact information and offer to get in touch with them when I had the information they required.” 

Given the chance that you have downtime in this position, how will you respond? 

Include effective strategies for staying alert, productive ways to fill downtime, interest in learning more about your organization, and passion for the position.

Example answer:

"In my last role, I spent downtime checking in on customers and making sure they had the services they needed. I'd use my downtime to complete any outstanding tasks I have, as well as use this period to explore self-development opportunities or read your company's employee handbook."

Why do you want this porter position?

This inquiry exposes the motivations behind a porter's interest in working for the role. Your enthusiasm for the position, your desire to benefit your company, and your personal aspirations must all be mentioned in your responses.

Example answer:

“My mechanical, customer service and organizational skills make me a good candidate for this role. As your porter, I'm confident I'd help maintain your reputation for providing excellent customer service. I understand you need someone who can rotate between responding to maintenance and custodial requests. I'd be happy to take up this opportunity to work at a company I've always admired.”

We hope that you can use these interview questions and answers to help you land a porter position. Here are more articles about the Porter job. Make sure to register with Caring Support as well so that we can assist you in your future endeavours in the healthcare industry.

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