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How Schools Can Help Mental Health: Empowering Students

January 20, 2024

Mental health is a critical aspect of overall well-being, and universities have a unique opportunity to support their students in this regard. The pressures of academic life, coupled with personal challenges, can take a toll on a student's mental health, making it imperative for schools to take a proactive role in providing support.

In this article, we will delve into why universities should prioritize mental health, with a specific focus on allied health students. We will also explore various ways in which schools can promote mental health wellness and empower their students to lead balanced and fulfilling lives.

Why Should Universities Take a Proactive Role to Support Students' Mental Health?

Reasons Why Universities Should Take a Proactive Role to Support Students' Mental Health

Allied health students, such as those studying nursing, pharmacy, and physical therapy, often face intense academic demands and practical training requirements. Ironically, allied health students are on the front lines of healthcare, where compassion and empathy play a crucial role, but they're often faced with dehumanizing demands of their degrees.

It's also worth noting that the prevalence of mental health issues among allied health students is alarming. Studies have shown that these students are at a higher risk of exhibiting depressive symptoms compared to their peers in other fields. This often leads to high attrition rates in allied health courses, in addition to other factors like personal circumstances, workload pressure, and clinical placement pressure.

It's therefore important for universities to prioritize allied health students' mental health care, as it directly impacts their ability to provide quality care to patients.

Ways that Universities Can Promote Mental Health Wellness

Universities play an important role in supporting the mental health wellness of their students, especially those studying in the allied health fields. Here are some of the best practices in which universities can promote mental health wellness for their students:

A list summarizing ways that universities can promote mental health wellness.

Improve the Students' School-Life Balance

Improving students' school-life balance is a proactive and holistic approach that not only supports mental health wellness during students' time at university but also equips them with essential skills and habits for a balanced and healthy life beyond graduation.

Universities can facilitate this balance by implementing policies that encourage self-care and time management. For example, allocating dedicated study breaks, providing access to recreational facilities, and promoting extracurricular activities can help students unwind and recharge.

Offering flexible scheduling options and reducing unnecessary academic pressures can also alleviate stress and support students' mental well-being.

Regularly Check On Students and Assess Their Needs

Regularly checking on students and assessing their needs not only allows universities to provide timely and tailored support but also contributes to the creation of a supportive and inclusive environment that prioritizes the mental health wellness of its student population. This can be done through academic advisors, counsellors, or designated faculty members.

Regular check-ins help create a supportive environment where students feel valued and cared for, fostering a sense of belonging and encouraging open communication about mental health concerns. This can then contribute to improved retention rates and academic success, as students are more likely to thrive when their mental health and well-being are supported.

Provide Students With Better Access to School-Based Mental Health Services

Providing students with better access to school-based mental health services not only supports individual well-being but also contributes to the cultivation of a compassionate and inclusive university environment that prioritizes mental health awareness and support.

Universities should invest in on-campus counselling centers staffed with trained professionals who specialize in student mental health. Similarly, implementing telehealth services can also ensure that students have access to support even during times when they are unable to physically visit the counselling center.

Train Professors, School Staff, and Students in Mental Health Response

Creating a culture of mental health awareness requires the involvement of the entire university community.

Universities should provide comprehensive training programs for professors, staff, and students to equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify signs of distress and respond appropriately. This can include workshops on mental health first aid, crisis intervention, and communication techniques.

Training professors, school staff, and students is an effective strategy for universities to promote mental health wellness by empowering the community to recognize, support, and address mental health concerns in a proactive and compassionate manner.

Bring Peers Together for a Better Support System

Peer support is a powerful tool in combating mental health challenges. Encouraging the formation and maintenance of peer support systems within universities can significantly contribute to the promotion of mental health wellness by fostering understanding, reducing stigma, promoting social connections, and providing diverse perspectives for support.

These support groups and peer mentorship programs where students can connect with others who may be facing similar struggles may help give them motivation to overcome these challenges and build more resilience to these students.

Peers can offer understanding and empathy based on shared experiences, creating a safe space and supportive environment that reduces feelings of isolation and promotes mental well-being. Peer support also brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds, offering varied perspectives and insights that can enrich the support system and provide a sense of belonging.

Increase Mental Health Awareness through Campus-Wide Campaigns

Raising awareness about mental health is essential to reduce stigma and promote a culture of care. Increasing mental health awareness through campus-wide campaigns is an effective strategy for universities to promote mental health wellness by reducing stigma, promoting help-seeking behaviour, providing information and resources, and creating a supportive environment for the entire university community.

These campaigns can involve guest speakers, workshops related to the promotion of mental health wellness, such as mindfulness programs and teaching self-care techniques, and informational events. Leveraging social media platforms and other digital channels can also help reach a wider audience and facilitate ongoing conversations about mental well-being.

By actively promoting mental health awareness, universities can create a supportive environment where students feel comfortable seeking help and supporting each other.

Promote a supportive school environment by making meaningful connections with students at Caring Support.

Form Meaningful Connections With Students at Caring Support

Universities play a crucial role in shaping the future healthcare professionals of our society. It's high time that we solve the mental health crisis we're observing with young adults by showing empathy and compassion in that universities show their students that they care not just about their student's academic performance but about their holistic development as future providers of care.

Building a school culture where everyone cares about each other and can offer mental health support can help create an educational environment that not only prepares students academically but also equips them with the tools to navigate the challenges of their future careers while maintaining their own mental health.

At Caring Support, we're committed to helping post-secondary institutions help their students throughout their healthcare career journey. We aim to provide extra support to universities to continually connect and monitor their students through our healthcare-focused intuitive platform. Contact us today to partner with us, and together, let's build a brighter and healthier future for our students.

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