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DSW Shares Her Success Story on Caring Support

September 13, 2022

We love a good success story, that's why for the past few weeks we have been reaching out to some of the many people who found the job of their dreams through our platform. Our idea is to shine a light on these happy stories and inspire others to keep going after their dreams. In this case, we had the pleasure to speak to Carron Bryan who walked us through her job hunt journey and provided us with valuable feedback.

This is what Developmental Service Worker Carron Bryan told us:

How did you learn about Caring Support?

I was just job hunting and I think I saw probably a post online and then I created an account... well, I created a login and a password. Then periodically, I would get messages in my email saying that there were positions that I could apply for. And I applied for some positions via the platform.

Can you tell me briefly about your experience signing up for Caring Support?

I have a diploma as a Developmental Service Worker (DSW), but I can work as a Personal Support Worker (PSW). The company that hired me, they were looking for companions. It's almost the same as a PSW, it's just that you don't perform certain functions like you don't provide personal care, you would just go to sit with the clients, probably assist them with any little chores they may have, stuff like that.

What else do you remember about the signup process?

It was pretty much easy. I just went through the steps, I filled in my personal information you know, name, address, telephone, and email. And then I was asked to upload some documents which would include a police check, and the certifications that I would have had, I didn't use a video, but I think I attached a copy of my resume and just anything that would be of value to help employers to see me and, you know, probably reach out to me to see if they would be interested in setting up an interview.

How long were you on the platform before your current employer recruited you?

Actually, it wasn't long. Probably a couple of weeks. Actually, before you guys, I was really searching a lot and I just couldn't find anything, but once I got onto your platform then it's like the gates just opened up for me from there.

What else were you doing as part of your job hunt?

I signed up with multiple websites that my friend told me about and I was just doing random Google searches, and I was also searching on LinkedIn to find jobs. So, yeah, those were the ways that I was doing because I mean, I was new to Canada. So it's not like I've been here for a while and I know a lot of stuff. I was just trying to navigate my way around that.

Did you visit the platform frequently before getting hired? How often?

As soon as I saw an email pop up, I would log in and checked.

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What device did you use to visit the platform?

I normally use my cellphone most time, but sometimes if I am near my laptop, I would log on on my laptop; but most times my cellphone.

Did you apply to your current job or were you contacted by the employer?

I applied. I think I applied for the job via the platform and then someone from the office contacted me and they arranged an interview. They, I believe, used the in-app messaging feature first and thereafter they communicated to me via email.

Do you remember your first conversation with the employer?

I think the first conversation was that they found my resume online. I don't remember if they mentioned the platform, but then they said that they wanted to set up an interview with me and we did the interview. And after the interview, they let me know if I was successful, then I would move on. They would prepare a contract and send it to me and then I would be a part of the orientation exercise that they were planning.

What caught your eye the most about the employer?

Oh, the name of the employer is Home Concierge. What caught my eye? To be honest, I have a passion for helping others. I believe that if I wasn't on this planet for that purpose, I wouldn't be happy at all. So the fact that I was able to help people who have different illnesses, and different needs, so to speak, is what attracted me to the company. And I've always been very good at working with seniors, even though my experience was in Human Resource Management. But in the job that I did for 12 years, I used to interact a lot with pensioners, so that was like the starting point for me, interacting with seniors and with the elderly. So that's what attracted me to the job.

How long did the recruitment process last?

It wasn't long, probably about two weeks.

How did you feel when you got the job offer?

I was excited because I was searching for a very long time and I really wanted to get out there and get in the field. And then what was important to me, because I have a son, so it's not so easy to find jobs that are flexible, is that I was able to pick up shifts that are convenient for me, so that's another thing that was a plus too.

How do you feel about having joined Caring Support?

I feel great. I mean, as I said, I still get emails from you guys and I still log in and check you know, even though I am employed. But yeah, I'm happy that I made the decision to create that login and that password and just created a profile because that's where it all started. As I said, it opened the gateway for me.

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Would you recommend Caring Support to your friends and colleagues?

Yeah, because I guess persons sometimes tend not to have the patience to, you know, follow a process right through. But if you don't do that, then, first of all, you won't get noticed, and then you won't be able to give yourself the right exposure because you don't have all the information that is necessary to complete your profile. Get it up to completeness. So it's important that you do so because you're only shortchanging yourself, eventually.

How would you describe your overall experience with Caring Support?

It's a very easy platform to work with. You just have to follow the steps and try to complete your profile as best as possible, so upload all the relevant documents that they ask you to upload. And once you do that, you should be fine, you'll be well on your way to marketing yourself because at the end of the day, your resume or your profile, I should say, is really your marketing tool, you know, to get you out there, to be noticed by employers. So once you do that, you should be well on your way to securing gainful employment.

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At Caring Support we are very pleased to be part of this success story and excited for what the future will bring for DSW Carron Bryan.

Now, we encourage all of you out there looking for jobs in the healthcare field to join Caring Support and let our platform open a new path ahead of you, like we did for Carron.

And if you are already on the platform and have been successful too, then we would also like to share your story! We're sure it will serve as inspiration for others, as this one has been.

That's it for now. And as always, thank you for reading!

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