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How Much Does a Caregiver Make in Canada?

April 19, 2023

A caregiver's job is to aid and support individuals who have limited mobility or require special care due to their medical conditions. The caregiver's salary varies depending on their roles and responsibilities as well as which province/territory they work in.  

Caregiver Salary in Canada in 2023   

According to recent statistics, the average salary for a standard caregiver in Canada is $36,075. However, this can vary significantly depending on the province/territory. For instance, in Ontario, the average salary for caregivers is $37,735. This figure is slightly higher than the national average but not as high as British Columbia's average salary of $42,179.   

Alberta might not have the highest average salary for caregivers at $34,125, but it still provides various opportunities to work in this field. A caregiver's salary is a significant factor when deciding on a career path. It's essential to note that the caregiver profession is fulfilling and provides an opportunity to positively impact someone's life while earning a decent income.    

While the cost of living in certain cities vs the average pay may differ across the country. A good example is in Vancouver, British Columbia where the average caregiver’s salary is $47,156 or $3,929 per month and the cost of living as a single-person household is approximately $4802 per month.   

Caregiver Salary in Toronto 

The average caregiver’s salary in Ontario varies by city and job demand, among other factors. Toronto has an average caregiver’s salary of $42,178, while their average is on the higher end of the pay scale you also want to take in the cost of living in Toronto, the average cost of living as a single person household in Toronto is approximately $4,327 per month, the monthly breakdown of the average salary is $3,514 per month.

Caregiver Salary in Ottawa  

In Ottawa, the average caregiver’s salary is $37,959 or approximately $3,163 per month, while the cost of living in a single-person household in Ottawa is roughly $2,777. Ottawa also has a high demand for caregivers in multiple capacities, live-in caregivers are the most in demand currently but there are needs in private facilities as well.   

Caregivers Salary in Alberta 

The salary for caregivers in Alberta ranges from $18 to $25 per hour. Additionally, the government of Alberta provides support for caregivers through the Alberta Family Employment Tax Credit, which offers a tax credit for eligible families with a caregiver who works for them. 

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Live-in Caregivers' Salary  

Research shows that on average live-in caregivers have higher salaries than hospital or agency caregivers. The average pay for a live-in caregiver in Canada is $29,250, the entry-level average is $25,768 and more experienced caregivers average around $35,100 annually. This number is heavily affected by what province or city you choose to work in. In Toronto, Ontario, the average live-in caregiver's salary is $35,497 which translates to roughly $17/hour. This is 7% higher than the national average.   

Overnight Caregiver Salary  

The salary for overnight caregivers in Ontario is approximately $38,336 or $19 to $25 an hour. Overnight caregivers typically will only work overnight shifts compared to live-in caregivers. 

Autism Caregivers Salary 

The average hourly wage for autism caregivers in Canada ranges from $19.53 to $23.65 per hour or $34,125 to $68,857 annually. However, highly experienced caregivers with specialized training or certifications in autism interventions, such as Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), may be able to earn higher salaries starting at approximately $61,720. 

Caregiver Salary in Hospitals 

The average salary for hospital caregivers across Canada is $35,100 per year or $18 per hour. However, the salary range for these professionals varies depending on their level of experience. Entry-level caregivers can expect to earn around $28,397 annually, while those with more experience can make up to an average of $45,026 per year.  

Apart from their salaries, hospitals and private caregiver facilities also offer a variety of compensations to their employees. These compensations are designed to attract and retain qualified caregivers and to recognize their contributions to the healthcare sector. For example, hospitals and private caregiver facilities typically offer extensive benefits packages that cover medical, dental, and vision care and prescription drug coverage.  

In addition, most hospitals and caregiver facilities offer retirement plans to their employees. These plans may include a pension or a group-registered retirement savings plan (RRSP). These plans allow caregivers to save for their retirement and provide financial security for their future.     

Hospitals and private caregiver facilities also offer vacation days to their employees. These days off allow caregivers to take a break from their work and recharge. Vacation days also provide an opportunity for caregivers to spend time with their families and pursue their hobbies and interests.  


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