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Meet Brett Boutilier, a DSW Who Found Professional Success with Caring Support

October 29, 2021

Finding the job where you want to spend the rest of your career is not a frequent occurrence. People usually work for many companies and in many roles before finding that one job that changes their lives.

For Developmental Service Worker (DSW) Brett Boutilier, the search is over. A couple of months ago he found the organization where he wants to work for years to come, and it was all thanks to Caring Support. He is one of the recent hires of Jake's House Community Residence in Lucan, ON, an organization that has been recruiting through our platform for quite some time, and now that it is undergoing an expansion of operations, it's hiring more talent than ever before.

Brett took some time from his busy workday to speak with us about his experience in the platform and his new job.

Tell us about your background. What were you doing before joining Caring Support?

I am a DSW and I was working part-time for a local hospital, but at that time I was in a temporary full-time role.

How did you come across Caring Support and what kind of job were you looking for when you joined the platform?

I discovered Caring Support online and decided to sign up hoping to find a casual job for my days off and maybe weekends. I think it was a week later that Diana (Simpson) from Jake's House reached out to me. She was looking for full-time staff, but I explained to her what I was looking for and she agreed.

How was your experience being recruited through the platform?

I felt such a positive vibe and energy from her (Diana from Jake's House), even just by talking to her through Caring Support. When I came in for the interview, again, I felt such positive energy from Jake’s House itself, and they loved me. The first day I came everyone was wonderful and helpful, and the residents were and are so amazing. That's when I said to them "I want to work here” and they basically offered me a casual position.

On the second day, that's when I fell in love with Jake’s house and told them I would like to have more of a formal role, which is what I have now. What I do is help out with creating care plans, meeting with families, and giving them tours, but mostly creating support plans for individuals so that PSWs and other DSWs know how to care for them.

For me, it has been great. Managers are so approachable, which is amazing and very rare to find that in this field. Managers respect you and listen to what you have to say. That's why I say that I can see myself ending my career here, becoming like a manager or supervisor here.

How do you feel about Caring Support after being hired by one of the healthcare organizations on the platform?

I’m so glad I joined Caring Support, even though I was hesitant at first because you were only looking for PSWs, so I joined as that, but then you guys added DSW, so I switched. It has been such a positive experience, truly amazing.

How was your experience creating your profile?

The signing up process was very easy, very straightforward, and the fact that employers can message you directly so you can have a real conversation is an option that you don't have on other platforms.

I gotta say I was so surprised to receive a message from Diana (from Jake's House,) because at first, I thought it was a welcome message from you guys or something, but then we had such an amazing connection right away. Overall, it was such an easy process.

What were the challenges that you were facing in your job search before joining Caring Support?

Mostly that job posts out there are hard to read, not very to the point of what the job description is, and there's information that you need to make a decision, like salary, that you don't usually get right away, which it makes you feel like maybe they are trying to hide something.

With Caring Support employers they can message you directly, so you have that kind of conversation without having to apply to jobs first. You're the total opposite of other platforms where employers can only message you after you apply to their jobs, so in that sense Caring Support is very user-friendly.

Would you recommend Caring Support to other caregivers and healthcare workers?

Yes, absolutely!

*This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

This was the story of DSW Brett Boutilier. Stay tuned for other success stories from healthcare workers, as well as healthcare organizations and post-secondary institutes.

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