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Ask the Employer: A Conversation with SE Health

December 13, 2022

Employers are integral to our platform. That’s why we try to connect with them, dig deeper into what their organizations are about and uncover what they are looking for in candidates.

In one of our recent conversations with the leaders at SE Health, or "Saint Eliz", as the organization is known by many, they shared their humanistic and "People Everything" approach –  and that they are "a service and knowledge-based organization" that focuses on collaboration, life-long and continual learning, empowerment, and excellence. Keep reading to learn more.

Ask the Employer: A Conversation with SE Health

We spoke with Bonnie Myers, CHRL, Talent Acquisition Manager at SE Health and this is what they said:

What makes SE Health a great place to work?

At SE Health, our purpose is to bring hope and happiness to our clients, families, and communities. As a not-for-profit, social enterprise and one of Canada’s Most Admired™ Corporate Cultures of 2021, we’re committed to bringing about positive social changes through our business and creating opportunities for our communities. That purpose starts from within, with our amazing people and teams. When we make caring for ourselves a priority, we are delivering extraordinary care and service to others in need, and conveying our authenticity, determination, and empathy as confident, community leaders.

What are the most unique benefits you offer?

We offer cutting-edge employee education and training programs that help our people get where they want to be. From our one-of-a-kind Spiritual Care Program to each employee’s professional journey, we promote the growth of our people in all roles with hope and happiness at every turn. Learning and development are core competitive advantages in our business of caring. 

Furthermore, at SE Health we achieve a strong culture of learning and professional development by using creative approaches to training and education. The ongoing education and professional development of our people is supported through a combination of:  

What are the top tactics of your retention strategy? 

Our People Everything approach, which focuses on continuously improving the employee experience, drives our strategy through a focus on asking and listening to employee experience; and then co-designing and co-prioritizing the initiatives they identify that will  improve their needs.

At SE Health, we also use our Hope Opportunity People Empowerment (H.O.P.E.) model of care –  a primary provider-led model of care that creates autonomy and decision-making while  maximizing skill utilization. We trust our people to use their skills and abilities to do what is best for their patients, and we do the same thing for service providers. 

Additionally, we promote working to the full scope of practice, giving our people the flexibility to control/adjust their schedule so they can balance their work and their life. This is possible because staff have control over their work, by design, to a degree that many other direct care health care providers do not.  This is truly different.

What are you looking for in a candidate?

When looking for new candidates for our organization, we prioritize:

Many people we speak to really align with our purpose to bring hope and happiness, which is great because we are a People Everything organization! We want to attract people who care about people; and about providing the best care and service to clients, families and communities every day.

To learn more about SE Health, please visit,  to discover the work opportunities they have available for healthcare workers across Ontario, and join the Caring Support platform today.

Thank you for reading!

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