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All About Dental Admin Jobs

June 21, 2023

What Is a Dental Admin? 

Dental admins are responsible for secretarial tasks including arranging appointments, processing insurance claims, and keeping inventory records. It's possible that the majority of the time is spent seated at a desk, working with various paperwork, forms, and computer systems. Dental admin jobs usually collaborate closely with dental care teams, as well as patients, other office personnel, and other patients. You are the person who is responsible for coordinating the office and assuring that the dentists and the other members of the dental staff are informed of what is going on in the front office if you are an administrative assistant.

You should have the ability to organize and manage patient waiting spaces as well as front-desk areas if you want to be successful working as a dental admin. In the end, a dental admin who performs at a high level will complete all of their responsibilities in a way that contributes to the smooth operation of the dental practice.

What is a Dental Admin Responsible for?

Your first priority should be on providing excellent service to clients. You are typically the first person to meet patients as soon as they reach the office, and you are also the person who enters their information into the official record system. Filling out insurance paperwork and submitting them to insurance companies is likely to be one of the additional job responsibilities. Your responsibilities include, among other things, coordinating the front office with the professional staff so that the dentist and the other members of the staff are aware when new patients have come.

It is possible that you will also be asked to manage the bookkeeping for the office, answer the phone, and respond to e-mail communications in addition to pulling patient charts. You might also be asked to assist the dentist with patient care in certain practices.

The following is a list of the responsibilities that a dental admin is responsible for:

  1. Welcoming and greeting patients.
  2. Appointment setting, rescheduling, and cancellation, depending on the circumstances.
  3. Providing assistance to patients as they complete necessary paperwork.
  4. Putting together the daily plans and charts for patients for the dental team to use.
  5. Keeping patient records up to date and recording recent diagnoses, treatments, and procedures.
  6. Have conversations with patients' medical insurance providers to find out if they are needed to make co-payments for their care.
  7. Validating various payment methods and completing payment collection as required.
  8. answering telephones, photocopying, filing, and faxing are just some of the regular office activities that need to be performed.
  9. Placing orders for dental supplies and maintaining an inventory of dental equipment. 

Dental Admin Job Skills

Administrative skills

Office tasks, including answering phones, organizing appointments, and maintaining patient records. Other duties include assisting patients with dental procedures. In addition to having excellent time management and attention to detail skills, one must also have a fundamental comprehension of medical record-keeping systems and technology.

Communication skills

During patient appointments, dental admins are frequently among the first staff members who come into contact with patients. They might be responsible for inquiring about the patient's medical history, describing a procedure, and instructing them on how to properly care for their teeth and gums. When dental admins have strong communication skills, it is easier for them to develop a rapport with their patients, determine how much pain their patients are experiencing, and gather crucial information about their patients' medical histories that could influence the procedure or treatment plan. Working with dentists, dental hygienists, and other members of the dental team requires excellent communication skills as well as the ability to work well with others.

Strong customer service skills

A significant portion of a dental admin’s major tasks includes engaging in conversation with patients. It is important to make a good first impression on patients in order to keep them coming back to your clinic. This may be accomplished by greeting them with a smile and offering assistance whenever it is required. Patients who are visiting the dentist for the first time or who are anxious about the experience can find solace in the dentist's kind and inviting demeanour.

Strong organizational skills

It requires an extensive amount of planning to ensure that all of a patient's scheduled visits and personal information are properly documented. Because of the sensitive nature of this information, dental admins are required to take extra precautions to maintain an orderly workspace and ensure that all patient records are filed in the appropriate location.

Critical thinking

As a dental admin, one of the most vital skills you may possess is the ability to think critically. You need to be able to anticipate the demands of dentists and have all of the necessary tools and instruments ready to go at a moment's notice in order to be effective. Do not be hesitant to take charge of the situation if you are aware that there is something extra you can do to assist the dentist while they are doing a procedure. Having the ability to bend and shape one's behaviour to new circumstances is an essential skill to cultivate.

Ability to follow instructions

Dental admins are required to pay close attention to detail and act promptly when given instructions. When there are a number of things that require your attention, it is simple to become distracted, but it is essential that you remain focused and attentive so that you can respond appropriately when the dentist needs you.

Good judgment

You also need to have excellent judgment and decision-making skills. Even if you may not have complete influence over the path that surgery will take, the input that you provide is still valuable; if you believe that something should be altered for the benefit of a patient, be sure to provide input! If you have a fundamental understanding of dental medicine, you will be able to make decisions that are better informed and respond to any circumstance in a timely and suitable manner.

Ability to manage multiple things at once

The range of your day-to-day responsibilities is extremely broad. You'll need to strike a balance between all of your responsibilities while seeming calm and collected at all times. For instance, in addition to preparing examination rooms and sterilizing equipment, you will need to be prepared to take phone calls, welcome and guide patients, respond to queries regarding insurance and invoicing, and assist other members of the dental staff with operations. If you're not good at balancing many jobs within the course of an hour or even just a few minutes, then a career as a dental assistant is probably not the best choice for you because it's a very demanding field.

Basic knowledge of dental medicine

Some states require dental assistants to graduate from a dental assisting program. Graduates of the associate degree program are prepared for bachelor's degree programs in healthcare administration or dental hygiene, in addition to becoming eligible for entry-level employment in dental admin.

Professional demeanour

As a dental admin, you will often be the first and final person a patient contacts with, therefore your contribution to the patient's overall experience is very significant. The manner in which you handle yourself and show yourself will have repercussions (either favourable or unfavourable) for the practice as a whole. What does it mean to conduct oneself in a professional manner? Maintaining a punctual arrival at work. Always make sure to dress appropriately. Lastly, taking your task seriously and maintaining a positive attitude are both essential.

How to Become a Dental Admin?

To become a dental admin, you must either finish an eight-month to one-year dental assisting program at a college or other educational institution, or you must finish secondary school and receive training on the job. In every province excluding Ontario and Quebec, registration with a regulatory agency is obligatory but only voluntary.

Before you are allowed to use a professional designation or practice a profession for which a license is required, you must first become certified in that profession. If obtaining a license is optional, then you do not need to be certified in order to engage in this line of work.

Dental Admin job Salaries in Canada

The salary range of $38,000 to $52,000 annually is expected to work in this occupation full-time.

Employment prospects for dental admins have weakened in Canada in the last few years. The government forecasts that this occupation will have a labor surplus.

In light of this, we have included below the hourly wages that are considered to be the norm for dental administrative assistants in Canada.

dental admin job salary

The Future of Dental Admin Job

Assisting patients in practicing proper oral and dental hygiene will continue to be the primary focus of dental admin in the foreseeable future. Patients now have access to more resources thanks to the additional benefits provided by the most recent technological breakthroughs. These additional resources can help patients improve their look or correct issues that are causing them problems. The state of one's oral health has a wide-ranging influence on the body, both psychologically and physically. Patients can receive the assistance they need to obtain the appearance and degree of oral health that they desire with the assistance of dental assistants.

Those who are interested in dental admin now have access to a very one-of-a-kind employment opportunity as a result of recent developments in dental technology as well as dental procedures. A dental admin has the option of specializing in either pediatric dentistry, geriatric dentistry, general dentistry, or aesthetic dentistry. Every industry has a wide variety of job openings available, many of which can lead to satisfying careers in those industries.

Where can I Work as a Dental Admin?

You are welcome to look at any of the following businesses and its location, that are looking for dental administrative jobs:

  1. Dental Offices: Dental offices are the most common place to work as a dental administrator. You will be responsible for managing patient records, scheduling appointments, billing and insurance, and ensuring the smooth running of the practice.
  2. Hospitals: Hospitals with dental departments also hire dental administrators to manage the administrative tasks related to dental care. You may work with dental surgeons and other medical professionals to ensure patient care is coordinated.
  3. Community Health Centres: Community health centres offer dental care to underprivileged communities. As a dental administrator, you will manage the daily operations of the dental clinic and coordinate patient care.
  4. Insurance Companies: Insurance companies that offer dental insurance often hire dental administrators to manage claims and provide customer service to policyholders.
  5. Education Institutions: Dental schools and other educational institutions that offer dental programs may also hire dental administrators to manage the administrative tasks related to the programs.
hiring dental admin job

How to Write an Ideal Resume for Dental Admin Job

Create your objective

Create an objective statement for your resume first. A resume objective is a brief statement (one or two sentences) that summarizes the candidate's interest in the position as well as the candidate's primary qualifications. If you have previous experience working as a dental admin, be sure to indicate the amount of time you've spent in this field in addition to any noteworthy experiences or qualifications you may own. If you are just starting out as a dental admin, be sure to highlight the reasons you are interested in this line of work and describe any training or abilities that are relevant to the position.

Include relevant experiences

Make sure to include a section for your work experience and any other relevant professional experiences. Write down your job title, the name of the company you worked for, the place where you were employed, and the dates you were there. Do this for each of your experiences. Create a list of bullet points that outlines your significant accomplishments and responsibilities for each of your previous jobs. You should strive to keep your resume to no more than two pages. If you have more than two pages worth of job experiences, you should either pick the ones that are most pertinent to becoming a dental admin or limit yourself to using experiences from the last ten years.

Make sure to highlight your skills 

Put your best foot forward by highlighting the skills that will serve you best in the role of dental admin. Make an effort to incorporate your relevant talents into the aforementioned list of tasks and achievements stemming from your previous work experiences.

If you already have experience as a dental admin, be sure to indicate any competencies you have directly relevant to this work, such as sterilizing equipment, operating diagnostic imaging tools or minimizing contagion risks. In the event that you have little to no experience working as a dental admin, it is important to emphasize your transferable talents. These are skills that can aid you in doing a variety of occupations. Transferable abilities such as communication, working well in a group, managing one's time effectively, and paying close attention to detail are some examples of those that may be useful to dental assistants.

Mention your certification or education

Add any education, training, licenses, or certifications that you have earned in the field of dental admin in your resume. To work in the dentistry field, you do not need any kind of official training or certification. On the other hand, a significant number of dental admins decide to further their education by obtaining further training or certification in order to improve their chances of being employed. In addition, some dental admin assistants go on to earn certifications or licenses that allow them to practice specialized dental techniques such as radiography after completing the necessary training.

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