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Caring Support serves as a central resource for healthcare workers and employers to easily connect and communicate, accelerating and simplifying the hiring process while saving time and money. It is a revolutionary tool truly dedicated to the healthcare sector.

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Healthcare Workers

Caring Support provides healthcare workers, including RNs, RPNs, PSWs, DSWs, CSAs, Lab Techs, and volunteers, an industry-leading platform that addresses the everyday challenges they face when job hunting, allowing them to showcase their professional skills and qualifications to employers.

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No more having to upload your information to various platforms to try and find a great job. All your details, certifications, education, and more all in one place!

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Show off your personality without even having to meet the employer! Post a video resume to your profile and let your true self shine.

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Along with the ability to search for jobs, we will populate recommended jobs that may be of interest to you right on your dashboard!

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Choose what kind of healthcare worker you are (PSW, RN, RPN, DSW, CSA, Lab Tech, Volunteer), and easily create an account with just your basic information.

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With profile sectioning, it's easy to fill out your profile. You can gradually add more information at your own pace or do it all at once, for a customized profile that reflects who you are.

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Explore the high-powered search functionality, video resume, or in-app messaging, and keep all your information in once place, right in the platform!

Did You Know?

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According to Health Force Ontario, 50% of personal support workers are retained in the health care sector for fewer than 5 years, and 43% left the sector due to burnout of working short staffed.

Did You Know?

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76.1% of long-term care registered professionals reported they prefer full-time work.

Did You Know?

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Approximately 30% of registered nurses and registered practical nurses working in long-term care hold two or more jobs.

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