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What Healthcare Jobs Might Emerge from the Pandemic?

December 23, 2021

The pandemic has changed the world as we knew it. In less than two years society had to adapt to a new lifestyle, business owners had to create new products and services, and workplaces started recruiting for jobs that were unheard of back in 2019. The same has happened in hospitals and healthcare settings, as the pandemic completely transformed the way people receive medical care and interact with healthcare providers.

In this article, we take a look at the current trends in healthcare to explore the healthcare jobs that were created during the pandemic and try to predict other healthcare jobs that might emerge from the pandemic.

Healthcare Jobs that Originated From the Pandemic

COVID-19 Testers

These healthcare workers are usually registered nurses (RNs) or nursing assistants who perform data and specimen collections for COVID-19 testing. Their duties include using the swabbing technique to collect nasal specimens from positive or asymptomatic people, handling specimens to ensure proper documentation (labels and reports), and applying infection prevention measures.

COVID-19 screeners

These are workers at public facilities that screen visitors to ensure everyone is symptom-free and has received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine. In some cases, screeners also clean and disinfect the front entrance of the facility where they work, and perform other duties to control the spread of the virus. People in this role don't necessarily have knowledge or experience in the healthcare field.

Temperature screeners

Similar to how COVID-19 screeners work to prevent the spread of the virus, but in this role screeners simply check people's temperature, looking for above normal numbers that indicate a possible fever. Temperature screeners can be found in airports, sports facilities, restaurants. and many other public places.

Contact Tracers

This role implies notifying people who might have contracted the virus, asking them to isolate, arranging to test, and assisting them with whatever they need in the process. The work can typically be done from home, part-time or full-time. Contact tracing has been considered as a key activity to slow the spread of COVID-19.

COVID-19 Vaccinators

This is another role usually performed by RNs. COVID-19 vaccinators are healthcare workers who administer COVID-19 vaccine doses to people. They also assist with documentation, inventory, and other medical tasks before administering the vaccine or during the post-vaccination observation period. Nurses in this role must have prior vaccination experience and knowledge of the protocols that need to be followed in emergency situations, such as a possible adverse reaction to the vaccine.

COVID-19 Caregivers

Most COVID-19 patients are able to isolate at home while they have symptoms, but others need specialized health care, and more so if they belong to the senior population. In these cases, patients are usually be cared for by a COVID-19 caregiver. These workers can be PSWs or nurses, and what sets them apart from other caregivers is their knowledge of the virus, symptom management, and skills to help control the spread.

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Healthcare Jobs That Might Emerge from the Pandemic

The pandemic is not over, so it is safe to say we have not seen it all in terms of labour market development. In fact, Human Resources experts believe that many new jobs might emerge and that most of them will not require human interaction, as the digital trend is now stronger than ever.

Some of the jobs that are projected to emerge or further develop as the pandemic progresses are related to architecture and interior design, but focused on social distancing; videoconferencing, in a more immersive way, (think virtual reality and even holographic meetings), and in the healthcare sector, telehealth.

Telehealth includes virtual and hybrid virtual/in-person healthcare services, and it is a practice that has gained much more attention since the pandemic started, but still has a long way to go. In the future, new telehealth models will be developed around the world looking to improve healthcare access, but the biggest challenge will be increased acceptance levels from patients and healthcare providers. Let's wait and see how it goes.

And there you have them, the healthcare jobs and healthcare-related jobs that emerged from the pandemic and the ones that are projected to emerge in the near future. Two years ago nobody saw these jobs coming, but now they are all essential for our lives, and they will continue to be, while world experts figure out how to control the spread of COVID-19 for good.

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